Don't get a mac now,wait!

<p>On july 14, intel finally releases it's delayed new chip set. Macbook and Macbook pros are rumored to be getting a complete overhaul: the faster chipset, upgraded integrated card for MBs,Possible 9600 for MBPs, titanium case for MBs, Black MBPs,etc.They haven't yet, because of the aforementioned delay. Expect the update late july/early august at the earliest. You do have a 28 day guarantee,though; if a new apple product is released within 28 days of you buying yours, you can exchange it at no cost. Hopefully they fix the horrible low quality LCDs.</p>

but their printer deal is stopping on july 21st
what should we do???</p>

<p>Do you have any link to official information bout the 28 day exchange policy? I tried searching for it and found nothing. That would be awesome if it was true, but I have a feeling you may have been misinformed.</p>

<p>Also, about the new macbooks themselves, I think apple said they'd release them during the 3rd quarter of 08... so sometime between now and the end of September.</p>

<p>My friend is a specialist at an apple store ,so i can't get a link. That's what i was told. I also looked it up, but could only find it said on and; so I'm not sure now.</p>

<p>I really hope apple doesn't wait until September for the new macs. Other companies like Dell, are already upgrading their lines( the studios). They don't want to lose the "back to school" crowd, although the free ipod touch or nano is a great offer. Rumor is Montevina is being released on the 14th.So i would wait until late july and see where things go. Remember this is all Rumored, but Macs are overdue for an upgrade.</p>

<p>Yeah, it's pretty silly to get a laptop you need in late August when Montevina comes out in less than two weeks.</p>

<p>After researching this the WHOLE day(haha), i've found out that a lot of major manufacturers are waiting for the release of montevina to offer upgraded laptops(with newer video cards, bluray drives, etc). Including sony(they will most likely make an announcement about their new Vaio's on the 15th,because it's their 10 year anniversary), Lenovo(their T400s and T500s),and most likely Apple(99% of the time they make silent upgrades; no announcements)</p>

<p>So everyone, please wait at least two more weeks, or you're going to end up kicking yourselves.</p>

<p>if you go to's forums you can see pics of the new vaios:</p>

<p>New</a> Vaio 2008 model listing with indication prices - FW - Z - SR - BZ - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion</p>

<p>btw, what are the chances that apple will extend their $100 off free printer deal? I don't know if the montevina chip will get here by the time that printer deal expires...</p>

<p>imo, they will. It's only $100, anyways. I'd much rather have a macbook with much needed upgrades( ESPECIALLY the screen which gets so many complaints: vertical stripping,not displaying colors properly on the 15inch macbook pro, yellowish tint).Then again whenever apple makes "upgrades" there are a ton of issues.</p>

<p>You can always get the mac now. technology is always evolving, so no matter what, your laptop will always be out of date. :p</p>

<p>I cancelled my dell xps m1330 order (simply because i didn't want to deal with overheating issues & w/e during the school year) and ordered the macbook.</p>

<p>I decided not to wait out because I wanted to cash in on the free iPod+printer deal, which will probably not work with the new macbook. and logically they'd update the macbook PRO before the regular macbook, which could go as late as september-october. </p>

<p>the only thing that just irks me about macbook is the graphics, and while this refresh is supposed include a very good graphics card i realized i might not be gaming much anymore anyway.</p>

<p>if they update the graphics card int he macbook it will almost be a X4500 which gives about 3 times the performance of the X3100 in them right now. That still would not be powerful enough for any serious gaming at all...</p>

<p>although i'd like to watch the occasional dvd i guess i'm giving up the quality a bit. that seems to be the one sore part about the macbook, given its price it should have something better in terms of graphics. integrated is integrated, so even though people are saying it's 3x faster... yeah.</p>

<p>the only thing I'd be really interested in would be the LED screen for the macbook, which is brighter and saves energy. it's on the dell xps m1330 and the macbook pro I think? that, and maybe an aluminum casing would be the only things I'd hold out for. but the case for the macbook seemed fine to me when i tried it out. dunno in the long run though.</p>

<p>I still haven't purchased the Macbook yet (just the regular Macbook, I don't wanna shell out more money for Macbook Pro since I don't really need those extra features)--would you guys still recommend waiting until July 14ish?</p>

<p>I was about to buy mine last week but my friend said he was still waiting until mid-late July or early August whenever the new Macbook would come out.</p>

<p>Any more updates/insider news on when Apple will release the new version?</p>

<p>I really want to cash in on the free iPod nano/touch and printer deal!</p>

<p>The printer deal goes on all year. It supposedly "expired" on April 21, 2008 also. It's just there to pressure people into buying their old stock to make room for the new ones.</p>

<p>does anyone know of there are printer deals with any nonMac makers?</p>

<p>I'm waiting also because apple is not the only company that will be updating. The new Intel chip is going to be paired up with solid state hard drives making these new computers much more powerful. It's a pain in the butt but I'm gonna see who makes the better updates: Dell or Apple.......</p>

<p>I thought Dell gave out printer deals too.</p>

<p>no, but dell gives you xps notebooks that have like a 80% defective rate( they overheat a lot, especially the m1330).</p>

<p>The Dell's definitely do not have an 80% defective rate... -_-</p>

<p>Macbook just arrived today and so far everything is good, the OS X will take some getting used to because I've used windows all my life. I'm a bit sad to see some features I've taken for granted in windows aren't accessible in OS X...or maybe I haven't toyed around with it enough.</p>

<p>IRONICALLY ENOUGH my XPS 1330 which was supposed to be delayed till august arrived today. I ordered the macbook in the first place in order to see if I'd like it before the XPS arrived. I'm returning the dell - never even opened the box. </p>

<p>The <em>one</em> thing I have yet to test out is the graphics, I suppose I will be forgoing gaming on the macbook but other than that I can see it as a portable laptop that can last long without a cable. Ipod touch is pretty cool too :)</p>

<p>"I'm a bit sad to see some features I've taken for granted in windows aren't accessible in OS X...or maybe I haven't toyed around with it enough."</p>

<p>Which features are these? Maybe I can suggest something</p>