Don't get the Chance me...

<p>Why are there parents and others offering advice to prospective students on their chances of admissions? I'm glad my two children got into UW Madison, and I'm especially glad that I never saw this site during their application process. A third child has applied for 2012 admissions. I think I'll go back to the old style way of waiting. I guess I now understand the term "helicopter parent"!</p>

<p>Better then being a "Lawnmower parent".</p>

<p>These are usually students, not parents, asking for their chances. No helicoptering without the parent... All these students need to do is look at the UW website like we do and figure out if they fall into the highly likely/unlikely to get in end of the test/gpa data. It doesn't matter if the chance is 60% or 40%- students should submit their best essays and application and be patient for a response from UW. Typically those with a very low chance of acceptance will have been advised by their HS guidance counselor to seek other schools. "Chances" requests are listed as a nuisance on the Parents forum somewhere. </p>

<p>We all know that you have zero chance of getting in without applying, never a guarantee if you do apply. Insecure students perhaps? Looking for validation? Thinking if posters here are positive it will influence UW? Whatever happens the result is 100% in or not- no partial acceptances. We indulge students who ask their chances with our replies. Sometimes we give a reality check- as in don't count on gettting in, have a backup. So much on this forum can be found just by doing the easy search of the UW website. Sometimes I feel like- "if you have to ask..."</p>