dont hail on my transfer....what are my chances?

<p>I'm a transfer from a community college looking to go to State. Getting in isn't my concern, but I would like to know what my chances are at getting a large scholarship to finish out my education. Also, I know it sounds lame, but I want to rush (as a transferring junior). I have a couple of members in my family who have previously been in a top tier sorority (and 2 current members). I'm really debating going into a christian sorority on campus, but would really love to continue the family line in the specific "family" top tier sorority. My only concern with rushing is I would hate to not receive a bid from any of the sororities that I'm looking at (and yes I know you're supposed to keep an "open mind", but I'd rather not be the family joke.) And is there a sorority specifically for pharm or med students? Can someone inform me on how competitive it really is both on the transferring scholarship level and in the rushing aspect?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9
ACT: 26
Major: Chemistry, looking to go into pre-pharm
Collegiate achievements (not including shadowing and community service):
-freshman year: chair of the fright fest committee, member of campus activity board, member of RHA, SGA senator, inducted into Phi Theta Kappa honor society.
-sophomore year: SGA treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa Vice-President, campus ambassador, member of RHA, plus a couple of other clubs that are less important.</p>