Dont Know my Major

<p>I really dont know what I want to be when I grow up. This is basically me:</p>

<p>-I like helping people
-Weak at Math, but can handle it.
-Love Animals
- Dont know anything about Business, but Im interested in learning about marketing and dealing with money.
-I love sports and watching them.
-Love kids
-Know Almost 3 Languages ( English, Polish, Taking AP Spanish)
-Interested in Law Enforcement, Solving Stuff
-Huge Observer, I know really stupid things about people I dont even talk to
-Responsible, dont drink smoke, do my work on time all the time, never get late to class,
-Tall,Athletic, Sharp </p>

<p>Tell me any possible Majors. Thanks</p>

<p>sociology 10 char</p>

<p>Seems like you said a lot, but still seems too general---only you know how it all fits together and what major feels right to you.</p>

<p>Try these possibilities for starters---
Kid Interest: Teaching
Sports Interests, Athletics: Kinesiology
Helping Interest: Social Work
Marketing/Money Interest:Business
Law Enforcement Interest: Sociology, Criminal Justice
Polish: Polish, Russian & East European Studies
Spanish: Spanish, Latin American Studies
Languages: Political Science, International Relations, Linguistics, Literature
Animals: ?</p>

<p>Quite a lot of majors seem like a good/decent fit to you</p>

<p>sociology or anthropology for social sciences on observation
philosophy for general knowledge and observation
criminology or political science for law enfrocement
economics for a more business orientated path</p>

<p>This sounds like you'd be successful doing soical work.
Not much math
You can work with children and law enforcement
You could help with families that don't speak English</p>

<p>I think philosophy sounds like a fit. There's a small bit of math involved if you take classes in logic, but if you "can handle" math it shouldn't be too bad. Philosophy, I think, would also be helpful if you wanted to go into law enforcement/something law related, especially if you went to law school as well. as a philosophy major you'll probably take classes in ethics as well, which would help for many of the things you mentioned (law, business, etc).</p>

<p>Hope this helped</p>