Don't know what to do about FAFSA

<p>I only put my mother's information in the FAFSA (she makes around 27k a year), however she is married. My step father told me specifically that he does not want to fund my education (he hates me, lmfao) and both my mom and him have split bank accounts. However, they did file jointly and combined make about 47k a year. They might be getting divorced this year, so my question is do I still have to put my step dad's information even though he has no claim to me nor wants to be responsible for paying for college? My mom told me not to put his information.</p>

<p>If they are married I'm pretty sure you have to get his info, especially if he lives with you. The fact that parents don't want to pay doesn't seem to be an option.</p>

<p>Unless they have actually separated, with a divorce in the works; in that case you can do just your mother's info.</p>

<p>Actually, there doesn't have to be a divorce in the works to file FAFSA with only mom's info, but they cannot live together and claim to be informally separated.</p>

<p>Back to the doesn't matter if your stepdad plans to help you pay for college or not. You are REQUIRED to put his information on your FAFSA. The FAFSA computes a family contribution and your step dad is a member of your family.</p>

<p>What does "they might be getting divorced this year" mean...are they separated or has this subject just come up in passing.</p>

<p>If they are currently married and are not separated, I would suggest you go back into your FAFSA and change it as you have made a mistake.</p>

<p>You have to include his information since they are married.
FAFSA won't tell him or anyone they have to fund your education. FAFSA determines whether others will fund your education.</p>


<p>You really need to fix the Fafsa. Most schools will ask for a copy of your tax returns. You stated that your mom and her husband filed jointly. They ARE going to see that. I think you should fix it now so it doesn't appear that you are being deceitful.</p>

<p>Okay, so when I go and edit do I just adjust her income or is there a separate field to add his info? If the tax return computed their incomes together, do I just put that in my mother's income field or do I have to subtract the incomes and put them in two separate fields (my step dad and my mother)?</p>

<p>Also, will me making corrections affect my eligibity for priority financial aid packages? Or since I already submitted it by the deadline and I'm just going back to adjust the income okay?</p>

<p>For FAFSA purposes, your "parent" income is the joint income of your mom and step-father. You need to include all of it. Where the form asks for mom's income, put your mom's. Where it asks for dad's income, put your step-father's.</p>

<p>You have already met the priority date. This is an up-date of your file. You won't lose your place in line. Don't worry about that.</p>

<p>Is the parent's marital status an editable field? I don't think it is for students...</p>

<p>Yes, parent marital status is editable. It probably will result in selection for verification if it's edited, but that is just a guess. Franny, you need to update the parent section to include your step dad as "father" --- which is why I hate the way the FAFSA words this section. Mom is married, and step dad is father. Then add all the step dad's income info.</p>

<p>Okay, I edited with the info from their 1040EZ form in the appropriate fields. Pell Grant estimate went down, and EFC went from 0 to 2, 570 but that's expected. :D Thanks you guys!</p>