Don't know what to do in life!Need advice.

<p>Hey all!I'm new to this little community you've got goin here.I joined because i was getting desperate..i can't find help anywhere!I'm a junior in college. I'm a pre-med Biology major. Recently, i came to the conclusion that i am not one bit interested in medicine as a career. So, i plan to drop all pre-med courses this fall. Problem is, i dont know what to do!!I have no true passion in life, and the interests that i have end up in jobs that i dont like. The truth is, i'm wildly passionate about english literature, nature, and wildlife but i'm so scared to take that huge leap that will get me started!No one is really supporting me either. They all tell me that my interests wont get me anywhere, so i thought the safest thing to do was to sign up for medicine. That only got me depressed! My grades dropped to a low i've never reached in my life!What i'm trying to say is, have any of you been as confused and lost as i am??And how did you decide what you wanted out of life??
Please help me out...all i want is some honest advice. Thanks.</p>

<p>uhhh are you really in Lebanon? because if you are, you probably have much bigger problems than this.</p>

<p>Yes i am! Well i'm in a part of Lebanon that isnt under direct bombing. Trust me, i really must make a decision cause despite all the chaos and hell going on here, life goes on, and my college registrations will be starting soon! Funny world we live in isn't it??</p>

<p>Well it doesn't seem like you have a big problem to me. You like nature/wildlife and your a pre-med biology major. Just become a biology major it seems like that plays right into your interests since biology is the science of life and of living organisms. You could write a book it could even be about nature and wildlife. </p>

<p>There you go all interests covered.</p>

<p>Well thanks for the help but i'm already a biology major..the truth is i'm struggling as to whether i should dump pre-med or not.Seems like a simple enough decision, but i cant make it!All i need is a good dose of courage i guess!</p>

<p>Have you ever considered becoming a zoologist? It looks realllly fun. Why are you no longer interested in medicine?</p>

<p>If you don't want to go into medicine as a career then drop the pre-med courses. Don't worry about what to do with your interests, there are lots of people on this board in the same situation. I think your interests sound very clear and you should do whatever it is you need to do to pursue them. The most important thing is to get your confidence up and improve your grades. It will work out and we're here to support you, even if the people around you don't.</p>

<p>Environmental Engineering would satisfy your longing for nature and wildlife, not a bad paying career either</p>

<p>I have considered zoology previously actually and though it was very tempting to me, i ruled it out for the moment cause it isnt exactly what i'm lookin for. I may change my mind once i'm done with my bachelor degree in biology. Thanks for the tip though. Zoology is still in the back of my mind.</p>

<p>Not too interested in engineering in any form but will check out the possibility for it. Thanks for the suggestion.</p>

<p>What exactly do you mean by "pre-med courses"? Pre-med usually consists of 2 semesters each of English, general chem, organic chem, physics, and biology. Except for English, these are required for most Biology majors anyway.</p>

<p>If you're not interested in medicine, I would definitely drop it. I'm a Biology (and Geology) major with NO interest in medicine, and I'm not worried. (With the bleak outlook for marine biology and botany, perhaps I should be.) Biology is a perfectly adaptable degree, so you needn't worry about unemployment, as long as you're not too picky about jobs.</p>

<p>You might consider Environmental Law, which could incorporate your interests in English and Biology. You should also consider scientific writing, something I've been interested in. Most writers lack a strong scientific background, and few scientists can communicate ideas to the general public. A person that can do both would be in demand (think Rachel Carson, David Attenborough, Stephen Jay Gould, etc.).</p>

<p>Well there are 2 pre-med courses not required by biology majors and they are a physics course and a chemistry course. Those are different from the physics and chem courses we already have to take for our major.I liked the possibilities that you suggested.They do sound interesting to me.In case you haven't noticed, i live in Lebanon. Here, the only thing bio majors get to do is either medicine or teaching!If you want to do anything else you have to go abroad! I dont know if i'm going to get a chance to do that!!Everything related to biology that i'm interested in is not offered here, so i'm worried that i'm going to be gambling my future on something uncertain!That's my whole dilemma!Plus, due to the whole war situation going on over here,There has been talk of delaying the opening of schools and universities!!Things just keep getting better over here. Thanks for the suggestions though.</p>