Dont know where to transfer too, any ideas?

<p>Alright, so here is the lowdown. I am currently wrapping up my last semester at a community college, and am looking to transfer to a good school in which i can get a good starting platform to launch a good career. I am looking to go into finance, and i live in New York. I have been combing through some of the well known schools however im not really sure if i stand a shot where i stand now. Should i transfer to a decent business school, work hard then see if i could go for my MBA at a more prestige's school? Or do i possibly stand a shot to get into a prestige's school off the bat (and when i say prestige's i mean top 25 business schools). If so, please give me some names of some schools i should take a looking into.
My high school career was a rather mediocre one, however since then my transcript shows a massive improvement, starting off in community college i was just pulling a 3.2, however the past 2 semesters i have received 3.8's going full time, and got on the deans list. Also, if letters of recommendations are required or help in any way, i can get one from a founder and CEO of an investment company, and also a federal credit union on long island. Also if experience comes into play ive made some decent money with the stock market. So with that story said, any suggestions? I very much appreciate the help!</p>

<p>How much can you afford to pay?</p>

<p>NYU is one of the best schools in NY but its tuition is outrageous. If you are looking to continue to graduate school, I suggest saving your money by going to one of the SUNYS or CUNYS. Baruch, Binghamton, Stony Brook, Hunter, etc.</p>