Don't know which path to take or what to do

I am currently an undergraduate graduating in December 2020 with a BS of Science in Psychology. I want to write prescriptions and partially do counseling. I was told I need to attend Medical School or PA school. I am lost and don’t know what to do. Any Suggestions or advice?

Did you take premed or pre-PA requirements?

Have you considered a PsyD?

I took some pre-med requirements. I didn’t take Organic Chemistry or BioChemistry

No I haven’t but I will look into it! Thank you.

Clinical psychologists (PhD or PsyD) have limited prescribing rights in only a five states: Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana and New Mexico. Clinical psychologists who work for the Indian Health Service and US Armed Forces also have limited prescribing rights.

If you want the ability to prescribe for your patients, you will need to become a physician (MD or DO), physician assistant or clinical nurse practitioner.

You could likely do an accelerated direct entry second degree program for RN (about 1.5-2 years), then apply to a mental health NP program (another 2-3 years).