Don't Room with family

My sister and I have roomed for over a year, and I’ve tried everything to keep our apartment-style dorm clean.
I’ve tried a chore chart, switching chores, getting rid of a bunch of stuff, talking things out with her, setting reminders for her, re-organizing, complaining, and so much more. I recently even had a panic attack over the state of the place because I am the only one making any kind of effort. She honestly acts like I’m just a maid, but I’m a student too! I may be younger, and the way assignments run for our majors is different, but she needs to realize that I have to spend time on my work to turn in quality work. The problem is that because she’s older, she’s taking advantage of me and won’t listen to me at all. She didn’t really do this to her other roommates, just me - because I’m her younger sibling. It’s super stressful, and she’s even started making all these comments about how I’m not doing things properly, even though she doesn’t do anything around here. I honestly just want a new roommate, but can’t request one without my family hating me for doing it. So no, definitely DON’T room with family.

You can request to move depending on what your university and options are there.
I would tell my family that I need to spend more group study time with people in my major, and that there are several students willing to room together.

Did you talk to your RA about this? just like you would with any other roommate?

If your family hates you, then you just say “Her style of dorm living and my were incompatible. I am not interested in being her maid any longer.”

Why would your family hate you for not living with your sister? Move. You can love someone without wanting to live with them. Is your family saving money by having you two room together?

I know of a number of cases where siblings living together has worked out just fine. But if the two of you are incompatible as roommates then discuss splitting up and living separately.

I do have the same question as above – is there a financial reason you parents want you to live together? In addition, it seems very late to make this decision as I expect your housing arrangement for next year has likely already been put in place.