dont take AP Econ credit if an econ major?

<p>i am going to be an econ major at NU next year. i took the econ tests today and feel pretty confident about 5's on both. These 5's will place me out of econ 201 and 202, which are the introductory econ classes at NU. ppl on the NU board are saying that it is a mistake to not take these classes. i was wondering if i could get more opinions on this. has anybody else skipped the intro econ classes as an econ major? how was the difficulty of the new class? should i not take the placement credit? thanks alot</p>

<p>if you get a 5 on both, doesnt that mean that you're qualified enough to do so?</p>

<p>i hope to get 5's on both, and if i do, i will definitely accept the credit. it gives me an opportunity to: A) graduate faster, B) challenge myself.</p>