Don't wait until Monday

<p>Feeling very pleased with myself, I clicked SUBMIT to send the PROFILE by the Monday early decision deadline and discovered that we must submit a business/farm supplement to the financial aid office by Monday too. Who knew? I'm glad I discovered this on Tuesday and still have time to complete the form and mail it by Nov. 1. The moral of the story, of course, is even if you think you've got everything nailed down, don't wait til the last minute.</p>

<p>Kinshasha, I am so confused now. And I should not be because we had a child apply to college last year and did all this back then. All HER schools required CSS. Now, on second child, three of her schools require CSS. I remembered that Nov. 1 deadline thing so my hubby registered for it (this is the only facet of the college application process he takes care of!). One of these three schools has Early Action and in fact, her EA app is being mailed in today. I looked over their financial aid directions and it says that the CSS and other forms are not due until Jan. 15. So, I did not have hubby do any CSS forms (beyond registering), nor the Business and Farm Supplement for Monday. Does he have to? I don't get it and should get it after last year! The directions on Emerson College's info. imply that Jan. 15 is deadline for all these things. </p>


<p>Not all schools require the CSS early. U Chicago does, but I don't know who else might. It may not be an issue for you.</p>

<p>soozie, if you need financial aid it is not recommended to wait until the deadlines. Most schools will accept the CSS October 1 when it is first available. If you are applying early the schools send a tentative financial aid award with the early acceptance. They are unable to do that without a CSS. The award is then finalized later after receiving the FAFSA form which isnt available until 1/1.</p>

<p>Annie, I am pretty aware of that but do not get why the Emerson College info. says that the CSS and other materials are due Jan. 15 for Early Action candidates even though her app is due Nov. 1 and is going out today.<br>
I had a child who applied to schools requiring the CSS last year and one was EA to Yale. This time only three require CSS but one is EA and it is to Emerson College and I just relayed what it said about this deadline so now I am a bit confused as it does not gel with the above.</p>


<p>You guys got my curiousity going here....even though I read the literature from Emerson which states that all finanical aid materials, including CSS Profile, have a Jan. 15 deadline for EA applicants...and so I just called them and they confirmed what I just wrote. NONE of the CSS forms or any other financial forms are due Nov. 1 at that particular college. I realize this is not the case elsewhere and may not have been last year with my other D at Yale but at least I am not missing something here and was worried after reading this thread!

<p>Susan, I'm sorry I got you worried. S is not applying for financial aid but ED school requires PROFILE and FAFSA to be filed in order to be considered for merit aid. PROFILE deadline is 11/1, same as the application, and FAFSA is due 2/15. Every school is different, I guess.</p>

<p>Perhaps I didn't say that clearly enough. Sometimes I think I don't get heard here because I am not part of the group that is here many hours of the day. ??</p>