Don't want to be screwed over.

<p>I have 2 issues. I would truly appreciate it if ya'll helped me!</p>

<p>1) I was offered 1500 dollars in Work Study from BU----1500 the first semester, and 0 the second. Do you think they will increase my Work Study if I call? I think I've been quite a bother to the fin officers because of my appeal (got 2K more). Do you think they could divide work study 750/750?</p>

<p>2) I am also extremely worried that my scholarships will not renew. I mean, I got 39K this year. Do you think that they will replace most of that aid with loans my sophomore year? I am extremely worried that I will have to transfer back to my state school....</p>

<p>If you have any answers whatsoever, please answer!! THANK YOU!!</p>

<p>Maybe some other student will be doing you $1500 job during the second semester? Regarding aid renewal, I would plainly ask. If your $39K is merit, there is some GPA you must maintain. If any of it is need based, you must find out now so you are not surprised later. To me, grants and academic scholarship constitute real financial aid, but loans do not.</p>

<p>bump bump bump please</p>

<p>I talked to the finaid counselor at the LAC where my dd will enroll. Work-study (at least at her LAC) is partly-funded by the school, partly-funded by the fed gov't. There is a maximum of $1800 allowed per student per year. A student may earn up to that amount and it is NOT counted when determining the EFC for the following year. If you earn over that amount, the overage is viewed as "ordinary wages" and is factored into the EFC. </p>

<p>We were told to expect costs to rise an average of 5% each year. My dd's Stafford loan also would increase per the scheduled amounts. Her need-based grant would increase the same amount as the rise in tuition/room&board (i.e., approx. 5%) minus the difference in the loan amount. The net effect is that her grant will roughly stay the same or go down slightly during her sophomore, jr and sr years.</p>