Dont want to take Subject Test anymore

<p>I totally didnt study for the SAT II Chem tomorrow and am unsure if i want to take it. If i bomb, my scores dont have to be sent right? Also i am taking the World History one so i cant just not show up. What do i do?</p>

<p>You don't have to take both. Just walk in take the one you want to take, then leave.
If you don't want to take either, then just don't go.</p>

<p>When signing up for subject tests you essentially sign up for a seat to take a subject test.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. So basically i just leave after the first hour?</p>

<p>Yeah. (filler)
Or you could just take both and not send the one you get a bad score on.</p>

<p>Yeah i might just do that. I am thinking ill get around a 400 on it but i may suprise myself and do pretty well. It doest matter is you do bad because you just dont send it then. Ill probably BS it though</p>

<p>^lol, don't BS it. you can't use score choice for some schools, and if I remember correctly, if you want to cancel one subject test you end up also cancelling the other one taken on the same date.</p>

<p>You CAN use score choice for all schools, the question is whether they will allow it or not.</p>

<p>So quick question.
When you sign up to take a subject test online they say you can send it to 4 colleges for free up until a certain date. Do you guys know what I'm talking about and could possibly explain? I'm a sophomore so if I send it in do the colleges put it on file until I apply? And if I apply there?</p>

<p>Don't even worry about that option til your a senior.</p>

<p>Well I was kind of looking for a real answer, but does anyone else think I should not worry about it?
It's free to send it to 4 schools so if I have an idea of where I want to send it I kind of want to go ahead, considering I would have to pay later on when I could just do it for free now.
I basically just wanted to know what the schools do with it in the mean time.
But w/e. I'll just google it.</p>

<p>I also signed for SAT II chemistry, but I'm not ready for it. If I just walk of the test tomorrow, will the college board give me a zero on the test? I'm taking two other tests tomorrow so I can't not go entirely.</p>

<p>if i do bad in SAT 2 biology</p>

<p>i can just cancel my score and nothing happened right?</p>

<p>Colleges only look at scores from junior/senior year, so don't send it. You are a sophmore, go enjoy life :P</p>

<p>Regardless of what happened, everyone's already paid for the test. just go tomorrow, see how it is, then cancel if it's that bad. good luck :)</p>

<p>o.o no one seems to think about freshmans taking these tests lol</p>

<p>im sure alot more other freshmans besdies me are taking these tests</p>

I was under the impression any SAT/ACT tests taken during the high school years could be used for college admission...</p>

If I were you I would not use the free score report option unless it's senior year. I personally don't have experience with sending scores to colleges prior to senior year nor do I know anyone who has done it. It's only $9 to send the score report later on so why not wait and spend the $9 to send your best scores rather than take the free option and risk sending colleges lower scores?</p>

<p>Really? I've never heard of that. I'm positive it's only junior/senior year. But I could be wrong I suppose. I have never ever heard of freshman/sophomore sending scores to colleges.</p>

<p>oh yeah
I just meant that scores from freshman/sophomore years should still be eligible for use come time for applying to college. But like you said, I've never heard of freshman/sophomore/juniors submitting their test scores before senior year.
(warning: I have been known to be wrong =P)</p>

<p>ohhhhh i see. yeah ok that makes sense then! yes, I guess you could use them then when it came time to apply. what subjects are you taking?</p>