Don't you wish you were here...?

<p>University</a> of Miami: Don't You Wish You Were Here? - YouTube</p>

<p>Congrats to everyone who got accepted EA! I saw this video posted on FB and thought you all might like it :)</p>

<p>(for those members of the class of 2015, you may remember that the girl on the left holding up the U at the end is the one who gave the speech at your accepted students open house... the speech that left several of the tour guides in tears)</p>

I remember her! She also spoke on the student panel at the Singer/Stamps Friday dinner last March. In fact, when we were wandering around with our food looking for a place to sit down that night, the tables near the stage seemed pretty open, so we sat down at one of them - turns out we were sitting with 3 of the students who spoke that night and she (can't remember her name) was one of them. I remember that she was amazed when I told her we had left home that morning to a 10 degree outside temp (it was around 70* in Coral Gables at the time). </p>

<p>Her discussion at that dinner was very heartfelt and moving as well. Although, she didn't need to convince us that the U was the best place for our D to be!</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing.

<p>We miss the "U". Visited son twice a yer, every year. Great place to visit and vacation.</p>