doomed love life

<p>Yup I'm one of those bf-less ones in HS. Starting college this fall.. so we'll see. I dont know if this applies to other ppl, but me and my friends noticed that at least in our HS the no guys/dating/hooking up group was also usually the group that didn't drink.</p>

<p>Yep. Same here. A freshman chica that has never had a bf, never been kissed. My hopes arent high but I still got them.</p>

<p>And I can understand feeling embarassed that most 14 yr olds have had more action than you but I dont think I will hide my inexperience. I dont think people really care.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. I havent kissed anyone since the sixth grade. I'm worried that I'll suck at it :)</p>

<p>I still have fond memories of waaaaay back when in the first grade, when the little boy next door chased me around the lamppost to kiss me...</p>

<p>...haha. No, but for serious, most of my classes had like 3 boys in them in HS. I might've had a bf except that he happened to be my best friend's very very recent ex, and there was a TON of drama, and afterwards I realized how much he wasn't worth it. So now my philosophy is as follows: focus on making myself into a worthwhile person and enjoying my life, and if a (worthwhile) guy comes along, great. And if not, well, I'll be off enjoying my life.</p>

<p>As for whether or not I'd tell, yeah, why not? Though I might want to keep that particular dramatic near-miss to myself, haha...</p>

<p><em>edit</em> that whole sucking at it bit rings true, though. I mean... how do people even know what to do? How do you learn? It just seems so bizarre. Maybe I'm just still too nerdy and asexual to comprehend these things...</p>

<p>As a person who has been in relationships in high school, I must commend all of you guys who were not in one. Not being in a relationship should not be an embarassment because it only means that you had other things in your life that you'd rather focus on. I notice many of you are going to ivy league which is something that is worth more than a few trivial relationships in high school. Having had a bf does not make me better than anyone who has not been in one when we go to college. You guys are just as awesome and great as a person who were in relationships, you just had different priorities. Have fun in college. ;)</p>

<p>Meh, kissing is kissing. Just don't slobber. ;)</p>

<p>Kissing is NOT just kissing. </p>

<p>It's flippin fantastic.</p>

<p>You'd think it was "just kissing" but you wouldn't believe the number of bad kissers I've kissed...</p>

<p>But it's not like you can really practice on your pillow, you can only learn by experience <em>shrug</em></p>

<p>wat about real kissing in ur dreams ;)</p>

<p>How is that real...?</p>

<p>i think casper is being facetious</p>

<p>I also never dated in HS. However, I have met many interesting and datable guys in college. I dated one guy for nearly 2 months (Halloween to Dec break) and now I'm with my bf since February in a currently long distance relationship who is amazing. So dont dispair. I had only kissed one guy before college and its not an embaressing thing to say in the beginning of college you will find that there are many similar girls out that with the same and/or similar situation as you are in.</p>

<p>I hadn't particularly had a boyfriend in high school, either. Heck, I went to a girls' school, and there wasn't much opportunity, since the guys at the boys' school were, for a large part, rather obnoxious. Not the kind of guys you really want to kiss. I was pretty concerned about going to college with <em>no</em> experience, but figured, "Eh, it'll work itself out."</p>

<p>I got to college and by three weeks into the first semester, I was dating a music composition grad student who was kind, funny, sweet, brilliant, and sexy as hell. Five years this September! =) Things have a way of working out just fine, in the end.</p>

<p>I hadn't really dated in high school but it wasn't because of a lack of opportunity... I briefly went out with this college guy but being friends was just more convienient. I was asked to many dances and went to many and had guys like me, but I didn't really want to commit to anything. </p>

<p>My age is always getting in the way... I'm only 17, and just this week I was asked out by a 24 year old in one of my classes. We had talked quite a bit and studied together and so going out for coffee was just natural... but I said no because my dear parents would FREAK if they knew I was going out with a guy 7 year older than I.... whatever.</p>

<p>Anyways, don't worry about it... it'll all work out eventually.</p>

<p>I think high school is an excellent training ground for future relationships. People don't realize that college will, 90% of the time, split people up. Thus, high school is a place to get some practice. Although this doesn't mean I never experienced heartbreak. I still took my relationships seriously. But I think your high school experience with relationships can help you learn from mistakes... teach you how to kiss maybe, etc. </p>

<p>I consider myself a good kisser now :) Well I guess you'd have to ask Zant on that one, haha. In my opinion though, college is the best place to meet someone as they will be more on your level (high schools tend to be full of... meh people). However, college dating tends to be just an amalgamation of flings I think, so you may have to be aware of that.</p>

<p>Haha, that's for me to know, not for you to flaunt to the whole world. Stop advertising yourself to the cc community. :p</p>

<p>In a way, the inevitable end date of high school graduation is a good thing. It's like, an isolated environment for experimentation, and people don't get stuck in relationships that are hurting them. People who date in college though are much more likely to stay together afterwards (get married, etc.) I'm not sure what my point was here...</p>

<p>I think you guys (I mean girls) won't have much to worry about. It seems to me that girls have the ability to make choices - they actually have a selection of guys to choose from, whoever they are. I'm in fact more worried about the GUYS going into college with little or no relationship experience. Because, I would say experienced guys will be perfectly comfortable dating inexperienced girls, and will know how to approach them. On the other hand, inexperienced guys probably haven't developed the confidence to approach girls, experienced or not (I realize this is an excessively overarching generalization, and you're welcome to prove me wrong). </p>

<p>I mean, it's also kind of unsettling hearing some of your preferences. I think CasperUC remarked that she didn't date because all the guys were asian, short, and too preoccupied by their studies. Others have remarked that college guys are usually idealistically taller. Well, consider that the very guys you didn't want to date in high-school will also be going to some very good schools (ivy-league included). Personally, speaking as a fairly short asian male (who's had some experience in HS hooking up and dated briefly, but not what I would call anywhere near "experienced"), I really hope college won't be a series of friday night "sausage fests" with fellow inexperienced guys (who may or may not be predominantly asian). So, I'm hoping you guys will give the dorky, short guys a chance in college - I'm sure they'll have matured a bit by then as well.</p>

<p>I was just kidding Zant... I'm more like those fish that like to suction themselves to the aquarium glass.</p>

nah you're good. I just don't want someone to snatch you away ;)</p>

<p>doctorx -- I don't have anything against the dorky short guys, if they're smart/funny/interesting/etc too. And I'm sure there're plenty of girls who'd say the same...</p>