doomed love life

<p>in high school i never had a boyfriend and i want this to change in college. is it normal for people who havent ever had a boyfrind to have one in college? is anyone on here like this? thanks.</p>

<p>I can tell you, I agree. . . . I see girls who are pretty, funny, and intelligent all around me in HS, and there are probably about 3 guys who are of their caliber. None of them are interested, they're too into studying and hanging out with guy friends.</p>

<p>My theory is that girls have already hit the maturity stage and guys are still going through it. I'm hoping for greener pastures. I so totally sympathize.</p>

<p>Haha, I'm the same way... and here I am, going to Stanford, where apparently no-one dates. Ohhhhh well.</p>

<p>you dont need boyfriends! just smash and dash!</p>

<p>oh wow. glad other people feel the same. i totally agree, EuropeGirl. it seems like there haven't been many guys i'd even want to date in high school. maybe college will open more opportunities. i mean, there were so many stupid people at my school. i'm going to an ivy so maybe i will finally have some smart guys around hehe.</p>

<p>I'm a guy who never had a girlfriend in high school and the same has been true for 4 years of college. It's basically my fault since I am introverted and I tend to keep to myself. It's a shame too because whenever I am out I see a lot of girls around with no guys next to them. In my experience many guys are only interested in getting hooked up and not trying to stay with one girl all the time. There are also a lot of bad guys out there and some girls tend to be attracted to that kind of guy, ultimately to their own detriment.</p>

<p>Yes, I've seen girls who never had boyfriends in HS have boyfriends in college ... but please don't go wild. Because I've also seen those same girls making unwise decisions because of their lack of experience and overeagerness to have a guy ... one of them ended up married by mid-sophomore year and left the school at the end of that year.</p>

<p>To you who haven't had boyfriends: are you planning on telling people you haven't? I'm not sure if I want to.</p>

<p>that's dumb. what a stupid thing to lie about. if you haven't had a boyfriend, you haven't had a boyfriend .. big deal.</p>

<p>don't want your first relationship to start off on a lie.</p>

<p>As far as telling people your previous dating experience, I'd say it's not something you have to announce to a prospective boy/girlfriend, but if it comes up in conversation don't lie about it. Besides, if someone is interested in you, I really doubt they're going to care to much about past relationships (or lack thereof). At least, I hope that wouldn't matter.</p>

<p>oh yay :) so i'm not the only one on the planet who hasnt had a bf in high school...and going to an ivy. thats kind of funny haha</p>

<p>I've never had a bf n don't mind at all. I love my freedom. (i'm a girl btw)
I have a lot of guy friends and i tell them secrets that i don't tell my bestest girlfriend cuz they'd get too dramatic about it lol.</p>

<p>In my hs it sux...3/4 of all the guys r shorter than me...ahem...asian guys...i'm a pretty tall asian girl lol. n a lot of them r so immature or too into studying or VERY WEIRD.</p>

<p>I can't seem to find an intellectual guy anywhere. Most guys at my school r either smart or immature.</p>

<p>I'm not gonna lie about my status either. I mean common! i don't need a guy to sound cool. What happens to independence? If u dont have a bf, u dont. Only insecured ppl lie about it.</p>

<p>Most of my friends have a gf/bf already n sometimes i do feel lonely when they can't spend as much time w/ me as they used to. But i get used to it. I guess whatever comes comes, if i find the right guy i'll have a bf =) in the meantime, enjoy my freedom whoohoo!</p>

<p>This is probably going to come off as horribly overgeneralized and stereotypical, but I go to MIT, so consider my vantage point.</p>

<p>So, a lot of smart kids who go to HYPMS/wherever seem to be in this same boat -- never having dated anyone in high school, or (more embarrassing for the guys) never having slept with anyone in high school. I have a friend who graduated from MIT this year, and during second semester of his senior year here, he made it his goal to live out what he called "loser American Pie". (He succeeded, I am happy to report.)</p>

<p>A lot of smart kids lived perfectly average social lives in high school, of course, but rest assured that, if you go to a top school/hang out with the smart kid crowd in college, you will not be "weird" for never having dated someone, because odds are somebody else in your group of friends is in the same boat -- no need to be ashamed.</p>

<p>i dont c anything to be ashamed of when a guy has never slept w/ anyone. if he's a nerd...then i get ur point, but if he just chooses to be that way then itz good right? i get disgusted w/ guys sleeping around alot...</p>

<p>Actually, I suppose this guy's "problem with girls" (his perception, not mine) was that he was one of those super-sweet guys that girls always want as a buddy and not as a boyfriend. So he didn't really choose to be that way, and it frustrated him a lot. :)</p>

<p>As a girl, I see nothing wrong with a guy with limited experience. It's the guys themselves who seem to have a problem with it...</p>

<p>The college scene is mostly hook-ups with no long-term connection, but I think relationships are there if you want them. No shame in never having had a gf/bf though; there's bound to be other people in the same situation.</p>

<p>I'll join the crowd, I've never had a boyfriend either. I never found the right guy in high school who had the same feelings at the same time. I think if I'm asked I'll share that I've never dated anyone, but it doesn't seem like something that has to be announced to everyone I meet. In high school I really enjoyed being able to have good friends of both genders without the pressures of relationships. It let me gain perspective about what I would want in a relationship when I meet the right person. I think I'll have a boyfriend in college, but probably not my freshman year.</p>

<p>I NEVER had a boyfriend in high school. There were cute guys in my high school, but nobody that I would want to be my boyfriend. Although, a date here and there wouldn't have hurt. </p>

<p>I just finished my freshman year of college, however, and it has been fabulous. The dating life is totally different than it is in high school. For one, guys are taller as a general rule. Guys are also more confident by this age, and finally are <em>starting</em> to catch up with girls in maturity level (and I mean this in the nicest way possible). </p>

<p>Don't despair NorwegianGirl. There's hope for you yet. =)</p>

<p>I had never been kissed when I graduated high school.</p>

<p>Six years later, that's all changed. A lot of my experiences were bad - after not having a boyfriend, I assumed that a lot of the problem was me, my feminism, and the fact that I'm on the opinionated side. Not to mention that I'm apparently intimidating - to men who have known me for years. Grrr. It's getting better, though. </p>

<p>High school and college are worlds apart. I wish I had known in high school that things would be different - how much better they would be. My only advice to anyone in high school is to have a little faith - things will change, and your life will get better.</p>

<p>No one worth their salt peaks in high school. ;)</p>

<p>I never had a bf until my 2nd year in college. I was very shy about talking to guys until I got to college, but because my classes were majority-male, I made friends with loads of guys. Then started going out with one, then realised after about a month that we got on better as friends. Met my bf in May online... 3 weeks before he went to America for 3 months. <em>rolls eyes</em></p>