Doomed without a trig calculator?

<p>AAARR due to unforseen problems, I won't have my TI-84 for the Math IC tomorrow. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? Heaven help me... What I'm most concerned about is sin/cosine/tangent ratios. No way can I know all those for every angle without my calculator. Someone tell me what to do...</p>

<p>What calculator are you going to have? You may want to consider taking the test on a different date. You're putting yourself at a great disadvantage by not having a calculator or one that you're comfortable with.</p>

<p>yes... if it becomes desperate and you have absolutely no time in december to take your SATs, then desperately search for someone with a calculator that you can borrow or buy 1 if you have to.</p>

<p>I would have bought one, but they're $120 friggin dollars!</p>

<p>buy one, take the test, return it, simple as that! =)</p>

<p>steal one then</p>

<p>Guys...that's unethical. </p>

<p>I think I'm going to either...swing for one late and kill my pocketbook or keep trying to find a friend who has one. Meh. </p>

<p>Does anyone think I can get by without one?</p>

<p>The C in the IC indicates the requirement of a calculator.</p>

<p>Why'd you say it was your TI-84+ if you don't really own one?</p>

<p>The best choice is to head on over to Wal-Mart, buy one, use once and return.</p>

<p>ha, you are thinking of ethics right now!!!??? you should c me, i return stuff weekly. wal mart is the best place to go, you can return anything!!!!</p>

<p>you won't get by without one, well, you would, but all of the sin cos and tan ratio questions you would get wrong, borrow a friend's calculator</p>

<p>Uhm. I'm getting one from a friend who is not taking a test tomorrow. At first I was just going to use a normal calculator, but ya'll are right, I should have the good one. </p>

<p>And I wasn't lying about me having had a TI-84, it just...had an accident and won't work now. </p>

<p>Thanks for your advice. (Except for the part about telling me to screw Wal-Mart...)</p>