<p>I wrote 'sixteen-tear-old self' instead of 'sixteen-year-old self' in my common app essay and was careless enough not to proofread it properly. And I've already submitted the common app to all the colleges I'm applying to.
FBiergbfeirybferiugbergfjber.*I'm freaking out. Am I doomed? Welp. Is there anything I can do?</p>

<p>There's nothing you can do. It's not a big deal. I stupidly reread my essay in the misery of mid-March and found a their/there typo--so dumb. I still got into some great schools, with some commenting on that very essay. </p>

<p>In short: one typo is no biggie.</p>

<p>i agree with glassesarechic, and if it's any consolation, when i read your post i didn't even notice your mistake until you pointed it out, and then i went back to look for it. hopefully in their haste to get through thousands of applications your adcoms will do the same :-)</p>

<p>They're probably seen much worse. As ---> ass, duck ---> *uck. It happens. Letters are next to each other. What can you do.</p>

<p>This is not a problem.</p>