Doormat Ivy

<p>Which ONE school get's this title most often and why?</p>

<p>They are all good. Even the worst one is still better that 99% of the schools out there.</p>

<p>Honestly, why would you ever ask a question like this? Are you really going to use this to trim your college list?</p>

<p>His other posts suggest he's reasonably intelligent guy. Xan, I agree with you, what motivates someone to ask a question like that ?</p>


<p>Hahahaha. I couldn't resist.</p>

<p>Cornell, highest acceptance rate.</p>

<p>Its not brown...</p>

<p>he says which one gets this title the most, not which one actually is. and there's no doubt that cornell gets this title the most because it has the highest acceptance rate. its acceptance rate of over 30%, no matter what the reasons (i know it has "public" sections and whatnot), is a undisputable fact. i'm not trying to take away from cornell, i have many friends that go there and it's a great school.</p>

<p>Yes, I did say which gets the title more often. NOT which ones you feel it actually is. I wasn't trying to start a pointless arguement. I just recently heard of the term and was curious which school gets it more often? My personal opinion is the term is an oxymoron.</p>

<p>Cornell unfortuately gets the title the most. In the 80's-90's it was Penn/ Cornell but Penn has somehow really advanced in the last ten years...Columbia also was down there in the early 90's (33% accept rate) but has risen significantly recently. Right now Cornell by perception</p>

<p>Slipper, I think the OP was asking for academic reputation and academic excellence, not acceptance rates. </p>

<p>To answer the question, there are no "doormats" in the Ivy League. All 8 members are bloody awesome. I would say you can devide it into two parts. </p>

<p>PART I:
Part I is make up of 3 of the top 5 universities in the country. It is impossible to differentiate between them in terms of quality or reputation.

Part II is made up of 5 of the top 16 or 17 (but not to 5) universities in the country. It is impossible to differentiate between them in terms of quality or reputation.

<p>Alexandre, Slipper may be right I noticed on other boards that Cornell followed by Brown seems to get this title more often. As for your Part II, it appears Columbia never get's this title and Penn doesn't get it anymore but has in the past. so It might appear that your schools in part II can be separated. So my question is why Cornell more often? after all with other member of academia it gets a 4.6 reputational score above brown and equal to Penn. Is because of its high acceptance rate and private/public status and alliance with SUNY? I have I answered my own question here?</p>

<p>I think perception, whether true ot not, gives this title to the school that has the highest acceptance rate/ least selectivity. Also, the SUNY part + the fact that there are schools that are easier to get into the CAS/ Engineering. I don't think Columbia has had this title ever, but I was just saying that things change, now Columbia isnt percieved to be even close to being the "doormat Ivy," but once it wasnt nearly as close to the top as it is now.</p>

<p>cornell probably because they have the public section, unfairly or fairly, who's to know</p>

<p>Allright! Nobody bashes an Ivy lol</p>

<p>Ya gotta admit that ivy means ivy-it's all the same</p>