Dorm Application

Just wondering if anyone got idea which dorm is better for lest partying? D is a transfer student and would like to live in dorm so that she could make more friends. However, she would also want a dorm with less noisy and parties so that she can also focus on her academics. Does anyone got any insight?

D would like to have a single room and I saw that Catlett Hall is the Newest but it’s only for freshmen? And Mayflower is mainly for transfer students? Any comments on these 2 dorms in particular?

Anyone got comments please?

Mayflower is a bus ride away and not really walking distance to the campus. They do have kitchenettes.

Any hall could have parties. Catlett is not not freshman only. IT is new and very nice. Burge sometimes can have a party atmosphere.

Try looking on Reddit as there is an area for University of Iowa thread that is fairly active and I have seen this question discussed.

All of the dorms are ok. Our D ended up an Rienow Hall which is on the “dreaded” West side and she had a great time. The dorm itself isn’t going toe be as important as a roommate and the individual floor.

I would call the Housing department and talk to someone on the phone. They are very helpful. There maybe a community and area just for transfer students they could place her in.

Do you know if students are allowed to cook in the lounges of any of the dorms? Or if you want to do some of your own cooking, is Mayflower the only option? Thanks