Dorm Assignment - Appleton


<p>Just found out my freshman dorm assignment. I am in Appleton on the second floor. Does anyone know anything about this dorm, specifically:</p>

<p>1.Is this floor substance-free?
2.Is the second floor co-ed?
3.How are the rooms designed with respect to bed location?
4.Anything else you can share with me would be very helpful. Thanks</p>

<p>Your email with your assignment specified which dorms are sub free and single sex. On the website, under housing, you can look at floor plans to see where your room is.</p>

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<p>D was in Appleton last year. Website has stated it is substance free, but it is not. All 3 floors in Appleton are co-ed. With respect to the rooms, you and your roommate can arrange your furniture any way you like, most all people do change it around. There are leaves on the trees now, but when they come off in fall, your parents can see your dorm on the live amhcam! :)</p>

<p>and check up on you!</p>

<p>LOL, she used to have to pass by the amhcam to go to Val, and a few times I would ask her to call me, just so I could "see her live." She would walk, I would tell her to wave, and she would have NO part of it. I prefer to call it the mom stalkercam. :)</p>

<p>Did anybody not get their room assignment yet? I've checked my mail several times today, and have yet to receive any notification. </p>

<p>I am a transfer student, so it wouldn't surprise me if they're giving transfers their room assignments on a different day than freshman, but I am curious to see if anybody else hasn't heard back yet.</p>

<p>Make sure you are checking your e-mail and not any other e-mails you may have.</p>

<p>Thanks for everyone's responses regarding Appleton Dorm. I appreciate the floor plan info. I also checked out Amhcam as well. When I get to campus I will be sure to wave at the camera.</p>