Dorm Assignments/Roomies

<p>When do we know our dorm assignments where we got in and our roommates?</p>

<p>By the first week of June. For me it's gonna be an e-mail ('m an international); I dunno bout the others though. I already have my dorm assignment since I signed up for Chad. Chose my room too.</p>

<p>o ok thanks.</p>

<p>I know we find out our dorm the first week of June, does anyone know if we also find out our roommates then too?</p>

<p>You will be mailed a letter that states both your dorm assignment as well as your roommate. You can then stalk them on facebook :)</p>

<p>Just got my assignment, my roomie is a friend from school so thats cool but I got barnard. I will be a freshman and I know it's not really a freshman dorm but I have really never looked at it. Is it nice? And well I guess it will be easier to focus on school in a dorm thats not crazy parties right?</p>

<p>birdieboy7: You were "randomly" assigned a room-mate from your same high school? That seems odd. </p>

<p>Mary Magdalicious: My D received her assignment yesterday -- res hall (Witte) and room-mate in an email to her UW email account.</p>

<p>"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". You must have ranked Barnard higher on your list than some other dorms. You can check out room facts by looking at various subsites on the Res Halls page. Check out the lofting guide for more room views. All dorms with freshmen are dominated byfreshmen- at least 1/2 of the residents. Don't worry, your social life is not limited to people on your dorm floor. You have a whole campus to be a part of.</p>

<p>uh oh i didnt get an email in my wiscmail yet and everyone else from my school thats going has</p>

<p>you can try sign in here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks for the responses, Cryto and CMOM2B. I just got assigned to Kronshage. It was my second choice, so I'm pretty satisfied.</p>

<p>pkmntrainerharry thanks a LOT!! everyone told me to go to my wiscmail but i couldnt find it there. the link had it all </p>

<p>i got ogg</p>