Dorm Choices at Wright State University

Does anyone know which dorms are preferred for Freshman at WSU and what the true difference is between a regular double and a deluxe double?

Deluxe double is just a bigger room. Literally the only difference lol. If I were you I’d fight like hell to end up in Hamilton hall and not anywhere in the woods. The woods are a complete mess. Cop cars busting pot smokers and shoplifters at least once every two weeks down there. A lot of people who go there never end up finishing their degrees at WSU. It’s not a place you want to be, but unfortunately the majority of freshmen end up there.

When you’re a sophomore, go to the apartments. College and University park are the best, and Forest Lane is 10 times better than the woods, even though Forest Lane has some maintenance issues themselves.

I lived on campus my first three years at WSU before transferring, and I lived in the woods, FL, and college park, so I’ve had a good survey of WSU housing.

If you get put in the woods, it will suck a bit, but just keep focused and stay motivated so you can get out of it after one year!