Dorm Decisions

<p>Ok, so here's my situation. I have applied to the Honors College and from what I hear, I have a pretty good shot at being accepted to it. However, should I opt to live in Hume if I do? I like a more private life and would much rather have a roommate who plays Starcraft all night than goes out partying all night. I'm in no way against socializing, but I'm just not into the whole alcohol and partying scene if you know what I mean. I also plan to use the gym a fair bit and am going into engineering. Also, I'm not sure anyone I know is also going into Honors, but I do have a few friends going the normal route that I could room with. I was thinking about maybe Lakeside as another possible option. Any opinions? Is Hume worth it?</p>

I think Hume will be a great choice for you. It is less of a socializing, partying dorm. Lakeside would also be a good, less social, choice. Lakeside is much closer to SW rec than the other dorms. The suite style living arrangement is less social as well. You will definitely meet friends in both Hume and Lakeside. Hume is much closer to classes than Lakeside. You can definitely walk from Hume to classes....Lakeside is more of a biking or bus taking option. Busses come all the time and there are covered waiting areas there. Sounds like you have two good choices. Also, Yulee area tends to be quieter but is still really close to classes (next to Broward).</p>

<p>Alright, great! Thanks for the feedback. I was also thinking about Beaty Towers, right now I'm deciding between the three. How is Beaty? And I guess the only other thing I'd like to know is that I've heard Hume is really great and is nicer than the other dorms. Is that true? Because on the virtual tour, it actually looks smaller and not as nice as the apartment style dorms like Beaty.</p>

<p>Rackettrocks I'm getting the same impression as you as far as the size and quality of Hume vs. Beaty. Does anyone have an opinion as to which is better?</p>

<p>I think Hume is much nicer and newer. Check out this link for Hume:
Virtual</a> Tour - Hume - double suite - UF | Housing & Residence Education</p>

<p>And this link for Beaty:
Virtual</a> Tour - Beaty Towers - UF | Housing & Residence Education</p>

<p>I'm basically in the same situation in that I'm deciding between Beaty and Hume. I lived in Beaty for a summer (did the UF SSTP program) and recently visited Hume as part of the honors visitation day so I've seen/had experience with both. </p>

<p>Hume is new and really is nicer than Beaty. The rooms are larger and have walk-in closets. The building itself is also nice and new. Hume is suite style in that you share a bathroom with the room next door but you have a sink in your room so you don't have to wait if you need to wash your hands or something. Hume also offers study rooms, a classroom for honors classes, and librarians come by every week to help honors students with questions about library research. The freshman parking garage is very close to Hume which is a plus if you're bringing a car.</p>

<p>Beaty is nice too and it has a kitchen with a stove/oven, full size refrigerator and a little common area with a table and chairs. It's very spacious and the rooms, though smaller than other dorms, offer plenty of space for you and your roommate to store your belongings. Beaty is also $625 cheaper than Hume and has the kitchen so you can save a lot of money by not buying a meal plan and cooking for yourself which really is not hard to do (i did that over the summer). Beaty is also suite style in that you and your roommate share the bathroom (which is very clean) and kitchen area with another roommate pair that lives in the same suite as you. Another plus about Beaty is that if you and your roommate have different sleep schedules, you could be sleeping while your roommate hangs out/studies/does homework in the common area which is nice. You become very close with your suite mates so that's another plus and the dorm was generally very quiet from my experience.</p>

<p>If you want to live in Hume and not buy the meal plan, there is also a kitchen in Hume you share with the floor so you can get your cooking done that way. My big issue when comparing the two is cost. Beaty is much cheaper and gives you the biggest bang for your buck but in Hume, you'll be living with other honors kids. </p>

<p>You can't go wrong with either. Just depends on what is more important for you.</p>

<p>Just curious what do you guys think of Jennings?</p>

<p>I think Jennings is a great dorm esp. for girls. There are many floors of girls but only a few for guys. I heard it has recently been redone, plus the girls are just not as hard on their living spaces as guys, so Jennings has stayed in better shape than Broward over the years. Broward is a more social place than Jennings, and a bit closer to campus. However, Jennings has some of the coldest A/C of any dorms---a real plus for most of the year at UF, and a real bonus after hiking across campus to and from your classes. Jennings is next to Beaty Towers, which has a "quik mart" market downstairs with various essentials such as juice, milk, bread, lunchmeat, medicines, etc. It is open til like 12 AM.</p>

<p>thanks junkrav, I am a guy. I put Jennings as my preference. Mainly because I have head that broward is one constant party. I plan on partying as much as possible. But being an engineering student my studies must come first.
I was told that the first 2 floors @ jennings was all guys and 3,4,and 5th floors are all girls.
From Jennings to University drive, The Swamp, Parking is exactly 1/2 mile. and to the Union is .38 miles. So it is not that far. Of course Broward would be closer. But I think I would be better off without all the distractions.</p>

<p>gator4ever, You seemed to pick the right dorm in Jennings. My S just finished his freshman year in Broward and absolutely loved it. He is a Mech Eng./Aerospace Eng. double major. He recommends Broward to everyone because he met so many people, came out of his shell a lot, and really had a wonderful year (3.7 UF gpa). HOWEVER, he does admit that his was a really social, active and partying floor. He had trouble getting studying done, because their room was the gathering place (XBox, huge TV, large bean bag chair) and people were always dropping by. He just went to the library or lounge down the hall if he really needed to get some major studying done. He did meet a lot of really great guys on his dorm floor---life long friends. He is rooming with 3 of them next year in Gainesville Place ($439 month--4 bdrm. 4 bath--furnished including utilites, etc. ) I think your choice of Jennings is great----freshman dorm, social but not too crazy, clean and cold a/c, lots of gals :), and really not far from everything. And not so many distractions as Broward provides. I am sure you will meet lots of great friends on your floor in Jennings. Good luck in getting your pick!</p>

<p>gator4ever, also he rushed in the Fall, got 3 bids from Frats, and decided that Fraternity life might be too difficult with his double Engineering major and the demands that the major brings as far as challenging classes. He is already happy with the circle of friends that he met on 3rd Floor Broward ( or TFB as the guys called themselves). LMJS that there was a lot of heavy alcohol use and pot use that kind of surprised my S. He was a pretty straight arrow, but dabbled a bit with the drinking and he and his roommate/best friend from back home helped a lot of guys who had too much of either.</p>

That was really helpful. I will be majoring in mech. engineering next fall as a freshman and was really worried about more studies as well. I assumed a lot of engineers stayed over on the west side of campus so I felt like I had to choose one of those halls. I really liked Jennings when I saw it and wanted to live there ever since. I'm also not sure if greek life will take too much of my time. Your S's stories may have just swayed my opinions!</p>

<p>thanks Jankrav much appreciated. wolf good luck to you.</p>

<p>S absolutely loved his freshman year in Broward at UF! He can't say enough good things about it. He is doing a paid internship at FPL this summer in West Palm Beach. He has grown up so much, and all of his wacky experiences in Broward facilitated that. He is very self sufficient now. I think Jennings is a wonderful dorm....cleaner, quieter but still social, ice cold A/C. Broward or Jennings are the best choices for freshman in my opinion. Next year, if you want to stay on campus, go with Murphree or Lakeside....great choices for upper classmen. D lived in Fletcher and liked that. You guys will have a great year. any other ?s, email : <a href=""></a><a href="gator%20mom%205%20years">/email</a>.</p>

<p>What about Hume...can anybody comment which room to select? Are they all the same?
I am freshman with 5/26 date. What if I do not get into Hume? What would be the next best choise for academically oriented fun loving person? I have not found room mate so i think I will just get random selected room mate...</p>

<p>telecom, I think all the rooms in Hume are pretty standard, so it won't matter really which one you pick. It you don't get Hume...I think Jennings would be a good choice for you....not as social as Broward so you can get work done, but still social enough. Yulee and Reid are quieter too, yet close to campus. You are going to meet people in the "older dorms"---Broward, Jennings, Rawlings, Yulee, Reid......the bathroom is down the hall, so you naturally will see people. Bathroom down the hall is a minus (hassle/privacy issues), but a plus in that you will meet more people as you pass them in the hall or see them in the bathroom brushing their teeth.</p>