Dorm help, need to make decision tonight...

<p>Hey so I'll make this quick and easy,</p>

<p>I really want to live in Santa Catalina for my first year this fall, but the distance kind of puts me off. I love how its all freshman though, the bigger rooms, and the extreme socialness of the place. I'm worried i wont be able to get to class on time though, is the distance that big a of a hassle? Also isnt it hard to just casually go get some food from freebirds or walk to a party over the weekend since its so far away from everything?</p>

<p>I guess my question is: Is santa catalina worth the distance? From all my friends at sb already, apparently that answer is yes..but i would like some more help.</p>

<p>Also what is considered the 2nd and 3rd best dorms in terms of socialness</p>


<p>I'm in the same situation too. I put Santa Catalina as my first choice, Anacapa as my second choice, and Santa Cruz as my third choice. I might change it if I see that the distance isn't worth it.</p>

<p>I'd say distance isn't that bad of a thing...but for me I'd rather live on campus my first year since I'll be living off campus the next 3. Depends if you wanna deal with going back and forth, I wouldn't mind too much but that's just me. Anacapa and Santa Cruz would be the next best ones, but if you put ft as your first choice you might as well not put any other dorms after cuz your pretty much guaranteed to get it.</p>

<p>Well it looks like i have to choose between anacapa and santa cruz. My parents wont let me live in ft because they think i wont be to class on time ever. Their fine with the partying, but being on time to classes and actually going to class is the most important to them.</p>

<p>Will i still be able to party a lot in anacapa or santa cruz and make a **** ton of friends like i would in ft?</p>

<p>I lived at FT.
It is not worth the distance.</p>