Dorm help....Reinert Hall

<p>Ds assigned to Reinert...anyone have photos of an undecorated/uninhabited room? curtains helpful? what is helpful to have for storage? loft beds? </p>

<p>hah...I care more about this than he does, would rather pack and bring home than have to search while there!</p>

<p>I can't daughter will be in Reinert also. I-64/40 goes right by campus. If you get on I-64 and head west you can get off at Brentwood Boulevard in 8.75 miles. Brentwood runs north and south of I-64. On Brentwood one of the premier shopping malls (Galleria) is to the north of I-64 The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond and Super Target are on Brentwood (or close) to the south of I-64. We plan to get some things and supplement with a same-day shopping trip if necessary. But we are within 1.5 hours of the school and will be able to pop in and out as needed. My first-born went far away to school and would not participate in the dorm supplies shopping <em>at all</em>. Drove me crazy! I must admit it is fun having a daughter who is looking forward to an actual bedding shopping excursion rather than dealing with a son who barely glanced at online bedding choices (that I found for him of course!) before selecting one. Good luck!</p>

<p>Shopping</a> centers Brentwood Saint Louis</p>

<p>Saint</a> Louis Galleria Mall Directory - Top Stores, Shops and Brands in St. Louis, Missouri</p>

<p>The</a> Container Store > Store Locations in Missouri > St. Louis</p>

<p>Hope this helps! Leslie</p>

<p>does anyone know if janitorial service is provided and if so how often?</p>

<p>Hello! I didn<code>t live in Reinert my freshman year, but from what I</code>ve seen of it I think I can answer a few of your questions. </p>

<p>The windows will have curtains, so don<code>t worry about buying those. I</code>m pretty sure that the beds come lofted, or if not, you can call Housing and Res Life to request that they loft the bed before you arrive (outside loft kits arent allowed). The storage provided is pretty good, but I recommend that you buy some kind of plastic drawers or bins to store food in. Don`t forget to get Extra Long sheets for the bed :) Good luck with move in!!</p>