dorm in basement????

<p>so i'm on newton and im in the basement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is this going to be horrible or do the basements feel like regular floors? or is going to be freezing and flood?</p>

<p>Don't worry! The basement floors look the same as any other floor. You will still have windows but they just might be a little smaller. And the laundry room will be on your floor, which is a plus! You won't have to haul your laundry up 4 flights of stairs.</p>

<p>true^^^^ now i just need to figure out how to do laundry and i'm all set</p>

<p>Laundry at BC is really simple. All you have to do is push 1 button on each of the machines (washer/dryer) and you're set. Keep in mind laundry costs $1.50 per load.</p>

<p>natural are u in duchesne?? cause i'm in the basement too</p>

<p>no^^^^ but i guess it wont be so bad we'll probably forget we're in a basement after a while</p>

<p>Dear thenatural and all : Regarding the $1.50 per load on laundry (and associated fee for drying), you do not need to come to campus with a fistful of quarters. Before you leave home for Boston College, be sure that you add "Eagle Bucks" (not "Dining Bucks" but "Eagle Bucks") to your college account - usually $100 added at the start of the semester should take you pretty far. You will then be able to use your ID card swipe to use the laundry.</p>

<p>Note also that Boston College is also part of LaundryView.Com, a service which provides monitoring software (via a browser) for the washer/dryers so that you can monitor your loads and check for open machines remotely. (You have to be on the BC network to be able to make value of the service given the IP address checks.)</p>