Dorm layouts

<p>Should I buy a tv tuner for my laptop or an LCD tv? Also what's the rooming layout or does it differ from campus/residence hall? (bunk beds? are there computer desks or is that need to be boughten?)</p>

<p>An LCD TV shouldn't be bad.</p>

<p>The layout does differ from campus and residence hall. Some have bunk beds. Some have desks with shelves, some don't. Some have desks with light, some don't. </p>

<p>Desks are included in every dorm. Each dorm comes with drawers for your clothing, a desk and chair, a bed (of course) and microfridge unit.</p>

<p>Do you have an idea yet where you MIGHT be living? I know housing assignments don't come out until next week or so, but do you have a slight idea what campus maybe?</p>

<p>LCD tvs are nice because you don't have this big clunker in the middle of your room (or on your drawer). You don't need to buy extra furniture except maybe if you want an extra set of shelves. It comes with everything you need and anything more will make it very cluttered.</p>

<p>Room layouts differ between buildings. Even in the same building, you can get a different layout (difference between floors, corner rooms, etc.) </p>

<p>It's basically what Mushaboom said. We can't really tell you what it'll be like until you get your room assignment. But here's a tip, if you don't like you bed bunked or if you want your bed lofted higher or lower, you can just call housing and they'll come within the same day to do it for you. Don't be afraid to ask!</p>

<p>Can all the beds be bunked or lofted or only in certain dorms?</p>

<p>Lofting the bed is possible. You'll need to call housing to do it for you in the beginning of the school year-- around the time you move in.</p>

<p>I believe all the beds can be bunked as well. Smaller dorms, like the dorms on the College Avenue quad, come with beds bunked already because the size of the rooms are small.</p>

<p>thanks guys! This was really helpful! My top priority was busch campus. On the housing glitch i was at Allen Hall floor 2</p>

<p>Oooh, a BAMM dorm. I lived in Metzger my freshman year! I loved it!</p>

<p>The dorm rooms are a nice size -- meaning you and your roommate can actually have your own breathing space and not climbing or knocking into each other. And if you get lucky and get a corner room -- even MORE space! :D</p>

<p>BAMM dorms are generally the same, so if I'm not mistaken, you'll get a bed that is lofted already. Unfortunately you might not get any shelves above the desks, but the desks are a nice size to do your homework and fit your computer or TV on. Get a desk lamp and/or floor lamp to brighten up the room because the lighting is pretty dull (as with most dorms on campus).</p>

<p>Oh yeah, and you get air conditioning!</p>

<p>Busch campus is pretty cool. I really did love that campus. I know this might sound weird, but I prefer Busch over College Avenue.</p>


<p>Has your housing assignment been appearing occasionally for the last week? My son's appears on and off (Room # and all).</p>

<p>Where do you see it? I have never seen it.</p>

<p>@mamajay Well I had Allen and then they took it off and since then there has been nothing.
@Beast Morgan People on the Rutgers FB page told me to check, login, then go to my tabs, then click student permanent address and it told me that I was at Allen Hall and my room. But then people started posting on that same FB page that Rutgers Housing claimed it to be a glitch and possibly not your real dorming assignment!</p>

Has your housing assignment been appearing occasionally for the last week? My son's appears on and off (Room # and all).


<p>Mine has appeared and reappeared about 3 times already. The building/room no. stayed the same each time too (some people's have changed from time to time!). According to what people are saying on the facebook group, the info. will be straightened out on August 3rd. Two days!!! :D Can't wait.</p>

<p>If anyone wants to fiddle with the freshman dorm layouts this site is fun.
--->Design</a> Your Dorm: 3-D interior design tool for students, parents, and universities
Just select Rutgers and the dorm you think you'll be living in.</p>