Dorm Life here at Fresno State

<p>Hey, just wanted to update ppl on life here in the dorms. I've been living here for 3 months now, in the community style (2-person standard dorm). They keep things pretty clean in here - cleaning people come in every day. As long as everyone works together, the bathroom stays clean too. I've had a slight issue with bugs, but I think once I clean and vacuum my room it should go away. If you have a problem with something, you fill out a piece of paper and maintenance comes within two days or so. There is wi-fi in the dorms now, so you don't have to wander around campus. It's kind of sketchy right now, but I haven't had a problem with it. Food here isn't that great...not much variety and it's hit and miss with the taste. I went down to the 10-flex meal plan and haven't had any issues with not eating. If you want to bake or cook, good luck. There's a small kitchen, but it isn't really good for making much more than spaghetti and stuff like that. If you want to make cake or brownies, make sure that you bring your own pan :) All in all, not too bad for a year/semester, and you meet a lot more people than you would living off-campus, but hopefully I'll be moving out next year. Hope this helps, and if you wanna know anything else about being a freshman here, feel free to ask.</p>

<p>Well im going to fresno this fall and i was just wondering for advice overrall for incoming freshmens. about the school, how to avoid the gangs, on study habits, on everything pretty much. :)</p>