Dorm Life

Hello! Looking to attend Ohio this coming fall and was wondering if anyone had honest information as a student (or if you’ve toured the facilities) on what the “best/worst” dorms are in your opinion

My daughter is a sophomore at Ohio University. She lived in Johnson (on East Green) her freshman year (she’s in an Honors Program so that is the dorm they used that year). She really liked living on East Green and in Johnson Hall since each room had its own sink. Her personal opinion was that living on East Green was like living in a park, lots of trees and very scenic. Her favorite dining hall was on West Green (she likes the healthier food options in the District on West Green) so that meant a little hike- although I guess chicken nugget day at Shively (the dining hall on East Green) is a huge hit too.

From what she’s told me, most of the athletes and Engineering kids live on West Green since it’s close to the Athletic complex.

She had a few friends that lived in some of the older dorms on South Green which the kids refer to as “the dirty south” so I wouldn’t recommend those.

If you have the opportunity to live in an honors dorm you might want to consider it…save yourself a headache of the prank fire alarms going off at 3:00 am on a weekly basis. Most of the honors kids aren’t coming home at 3:00 am and pulling the fire alarm and trust me, a lot of them are “normal” and go out & attend athletic events and other social events but they tend to respect quiet hours a little more.

I’d definitely recommend using the roommate match tool…really take time to read the bios/quirks that kids share. She’s had awesome roommates both years and really loves OU.

Her sophomore year she moved into a sorority house to save money …it’s still considered campus housing, food is included along with a chef and a house mom. She saves about $3000 a year by living in the sorority house.

Feel free to message me with any more questions you might have

@collegescoop18 I’m an Alumnus and have a son that will start his freshman year in the Fall. I lived in Jefferson ( East) and my husband ( also a Bobcat) live in a dorm that’s no longer there but it was on South Green.
We go back all the time and was there in September for Discovery Days so our son could see the dorms.
East Green is geographically desirable to the action of the college green and uptown( Court Street). The newly renovated Jeff Hall is the most requested dorm on that green. It also house a really cool food market too.
South has the mod style dorms. It’s farther from the main campus action, but their dining areas do have good choices and tasty food.
The West Green dorms are as the prior post mentioned really for the Athletes and the Engineering as well as Osteopathic medicine majors.

If you want an opinion on anything else, I am available. My son really doesn’t care where he lives so long as it has a bed… lol
My choice is East Green.