Dorm Living

<p>Hi just wondering if anyone has input on the dorms. Did anyone live in York ?</p>

<p>HPU Dorms:
Finch (male) and Millis (female) are more "community" type dorms. Doors always open...everyone knows everybody. </p>

<p>Blessing dorm is like an apartment ... 2-4 rooms, kitchen, living room, each student has their own private room</p>

<p>Has your child decided on, or been assigned to, a dorm yet? My son will be residing in York beginning this fall and has heard very good things about it.</p>

<p>Yes my D has been assigned and is living in York also. There is someone in our area who lived in York last year and liked it a lot.</p>

<p>Our son will be in York on the Honors floor. He's at Summer Experience now and enjoying it so far. For him, he's not looking for the 'door always open, everyone come in whenever your want' type of dorm. Just personal preference.</p>