Dorm opinions and information

<p>I’m going to start U of A this year as a freshman. Just wondering on dorm opinions about Cochise, Hopi, Maricopa, Babcock, Coconino, Graham-Greenlee, Kaibab-Huachuca, Manzanita-Mohave, and Yavapai.
I don’t want a dead quiet dorm. Which is the most active and fun of these?</p>

<p>I’ll only contibute on one, Babcock, is WAY off campus and the least popular, you will regret living so far from campus. They all have individual pro’s and con’s, you have selected the lower cost dorms which aren’t on Highland for a reason, each is unique, I like the first three, all the dorms are a lot of fun don’t worry too much.</p>

<p>Cochise is actually a really cool dorm, I would choose that one! It’s really pretty and I think I’ll be in that one next year. Hopi apparently doesn’t have AC, but I don’t know since I’ve never been in there. Maricopa is really pretty, but it’s only 50 girls and there’s a sleeping porch, you don’t sleep in your rom. Graham-Greenlee is nice too. Kaibab isn’t very nice. Manzi-Mo is on the edge of campus, and Yavapi has bunk beds. I would go with cochise!</p>