Dorm or apartment for transfer students?

<p>First of all here is my financial package:</p>

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<p>Please help me decide what will be the best choice for my financial package
So i found this place in Davis with 2 bedroom, If i share with my friends ill pay about 600/month. im still deciding on whether i should stay in dorm (Cuarto) or apartment. this is what my pro and con:</p>


.Dont have to cook
.Food already include in the meal plan purchase.
.no need to shopping each week for groceries</p>

<p>Con: i have to share room with someone else</p>


.have my own room</p>

.have to buy food and cook
.the rent doesn't include food yet so i have to add about 300 per months for foods
.cooking take time.</p>

<p>One last question: for the housing estimate, do we get more money if we live on-campus?</p>

<p>One other pro of living in the dorms as a transfer is that you're surrounded by other new transfers, so it's easier to meet people.
the DC is really convenient too, I wish I could still get food that easily now (I'm a second year living in a house in south davis)
If I were a transfer I'd live in the dorms personally, especially if I didn't know anyone.</p>

<p>I second Hella. I'd recommend living in the dorms since you would definitely meet a lot more other transfers to ease the process of adjusting to college.</p>

<p>I'm transferring this fall and have decided to live in the dorms my first year. Originally I was going get an apartment, but I decided to hold that off till senior year. Also, your financial aid will go down if you change to off-campus housing (or at least that's what I've been told). UC Davis estimates housing based off on-campus costs. BTW my financial aid package is almost identical to yours, lol!</p>

<p>I THINK I may be @ Cuarto. I was gonna sign up for singles but I heard Tercero/Leach is MAD quiet... :O</p>

<p>Dorms it is! WITH budget saver 90 (yes im cheap)</p>