Dorm or Suite-type ///// 1 tv or 2?

<p>okay so i will be a freshman in college this august, should i live share a dorm? or get a room to my self and share a bathroom? with one other person?</p>

<p>the dorm by the way is brand new, and for freshman(it opens this august)</p>

<p>I was leaning towards sharing a dorm, but i like having my own room.</p>

<p>and is it ok to have 2 TVs in a dorm(incase me and my roommate bring one)??</p>

<p>Get the single.</p>

<p>You can have as many TVs as you want. It just depends on how annoying that will be to your roommate! I'm debating even getting a TV to take with me. I watch most of my TV shows online, and since Lost is over there's not anything I absolutely have to watch live every week. (okay, thinking about Lost just might make me cry all over again!)</p>

<p>If it's a single dorm in a new building I imagine the cost for that room is going to be ridiculously incredible. I had always thought I wanted my own room, but when I moved out and got roommates I was happy I had them because otherwise it would have gotten lonely really fast. But I'll just have to see how that theory works out next semester.</p>

<p>You should probably coordinate bringing major appliances and entertainment systems with your roommate (after you decide whether you want one or not, of course). And it's definitely okay to have two TVs, but it might end up being a hassle if space is an issue. Plus, if you and your roommate both like to watch TV, having two TVs isn't going to solve any conflicts (since, unless you have headphones, you can't have two TVs on at once anyway). </p>

<p>I don't think having a single will stop you from socializing with and meeting other people, if that's a concern. Plus, it'll be nice to share a bathroom with just one other person. (One question to consider: would you have to clean the bathroom yourself, or is their a cleaning service?) On the other hand, having a roommate might make the first couple of weeks less daunting, and if you're lucky, you could end up being close friends with him.</p>

<p>cool, i think living in a dorm will really help me meet people. i think if get the single apartment type room i probably wont be to involved. the dorms i'll be living in are for freshman</p>