Dorm organization and spacing?

<p>I thought it would be helpful to compile a lot of tips for packing all your stuff into such a confined space. Any strategies or specific things to buy?</p>

<p>One thing someone told me about was a tiered hanger, so that more lateral space is used instead of just horizontal. Something like this... Five-Tier</a> Swing Arm Slack Hanger There are also many kinds of hooks where instead of having to drill a hole into the wall (not allowed in dorms, obviously,) they just use a super strong adhesive. These on the sides of dressers, wardrobes, bedposts, etc. are supposed to be useful for hanging stuff like bangs, scarves, and jackets so that they don't take up closet space.</p>

<p>Something I've been wondering about is bed lofting. Obviously lofting both beds would make way more space, but it seems like it would be super annoying to have to climb up to your bed every night and day. Especially after a night out...can you say hazardous? Also, it seems like just using some risers to create more storage space under the beds would be just as helpful. So, what do you all plan on doing?</p>

<p>We weren't allowed to loft our beds past 3 feet...and while I first thought it would be nice to, I actually prefer it lower. 3 feet is still a lot of storage underneath, but it lets you use your bed to sit on, watch TV, etc. There's not a lot of places to sit in a dorm room anyway...basically your chair or your bed.</p>

<p>I'm going to live in a dorm where the beds are lofted and you're not allowed to lower them. So I would assume my desk and dresser will remain below my bed...
Which should theoretically leave quite a bit of room in the room left. I actually took a tour, the dorm I'm assigned to isn't atrociously small.</p>

<p>I'm planning on bringing my zebra shag rug (provided my roommate doesn't totally detest zebra), and my mom has an old director's chair she said I'm welcome to use (but I'm trying to find a new seat/back for it, because the original one is brown...ehh). Other than that, I'm taking a trunk with me (useful for bringing things and storing things later) PLUS it can be used as a table or TV stand!</p>

<p>Both roomies get a closet in my dorm, so I'm kinda excited. I'm not much of a hanger, I'm more of a folder, so I'm gonna get some stainless steel shelving (or that kitchen wire kind) to put in my closet and hold clothes...</p>

<p>Other than that, I have a lamp (cause there isn't an actual light in the ROOM, just above the entrance) and a bunch of junk to keep my desk organized. I also have one of those "over the door organizers" that I'm probably going to put up on the door to the bathroom cause it has pockets that are more designed for holding shampoo and hairbrushes. And my mom got me some drawers (for underwear, etc), but I might return them for something more freestanding and sturdy (cause they are part of the cube collection or something, and therefore must be stacked).</p>

Both roomies get a closet in my dorm, so I'm kinda excited. I'm not much of a hanger, I'm more of a folder


<p>^^^ living with you would be scary.</p>

<p>Lofted bed **** blocked me no lie.</p>

<p>The best dorm advice => invest in a good desk chair. </p>

<p>Basically if you're in your room and not sleeping you'll prob be in your desk chair, even if you aren't doing work. When you put it in perspective in terms of how much time you spend in it, splurging on a cushy leather one with a padded back is more than worth it.</p>

<p>@phade I could see how it would.</p>

<p>I never used my desk chair for anything but storage! It's where all my hoodies/jackets were thrown when I came back into my room, and where other random things were put.</p>

<p>my advice:</p>

<p>When you and your roomie get there, discuss how you want the furniture in your room to be laid out, and then move it. It may not be as ideal as you think, so be prepared to move it again. In my dorm, 90% of the girls had their beds in an L shape and their desks side by side against the opposite wall. That and bunkbeds gave the most floor space.</p>