Dorm Question - Transfer Students (Current Students Help Please)

<p>I will be transferring to UCR in the fall and I'm really excited to do so. I'll be living in the residence halls and I've already sent in my contract and deposit for the Pentland Hills Transfer Hall but I read on another thread that the Transfer hall doesn't really mean anything because not many transfers sign up for it so it gets filled by freshman anyway. So I wanted to know which hall the majority of transfer students that stay in the residents halls live in because I was also thinking of living in A-I but I read thats mostly freshman. Now I don't mind freshman/sophomores at all but I just want to know the frequency of transfer students in the different residence halls. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>hey^ you probably ran into my thread....</p>

<p>well basically what you read is true, i was in your situation before touring the residence halls and quickly realized that, that wasnt for me. Dont get me wrong though, i am all about being social and was looking forward to the "dorm life" but their wasnt any real transfer hall, their where a couple of 2nd year and some 3rd year students in the res halls but that was it. And alot of people (like my self) get confused about petland hills; its not the transfer dorms or 2nd year dorms... incoming freshmen will also fill the majority of those rooms as well. Reason being is because incoming freshmen are not allowed to stay in the on-campus apts until their 2nd year....</p>

<p>honestly after doing all my research and touring on and off campus housing, i felt it would be most beneficial to stay at an off campus apt. i was skeptical about living "off-campus" because i dont want to be far away from school but honestly, places like grand marc, uv towers, the palms, are only a couple blocks away and even better, their across the street from the university village. Their rooms are also fully furnished and literally offer everything from a swimming pools to tanning rooms because their all in competition with each other... i felt grand marc was the most social and lively. uv towers was cool because they provide you with that hotel feeling. and the palms was really nice, clean, quiet, but most expensive...</p>

<p>hope this helps</p>

<p>Yeah I believe it was your thread I was reading. Thanks for the info btw!...For me I chose to live in the res halls because I come from about 45 mins south so I don't really need a whole apartment or even a room in one because with that also comes other requirements like, for example buying food and cooking it, and more space to take care of, so for me I really just need the minimum since I can go home when necessary, and I really really don't want to commute. Also I do really want to meet people because going to a CC has been rather lonely and meeting people there is terribly difficult most of the time, and on top of that I'm not even from the area around the CC I'm actually from a bit up north. So I plan on taking full advantage of living on campus by making friends and using all the campus resources and learning centers.</p>

<p>So what I'm really curious about is if I should just try to get housing at A-I because I'm interested in that hall too or just get housing at the Pentland Transfer hall since transfer students get priority there? Again any help is appreciated.</p>

<p>yeh, i know exactly what you mean... you only get one chance to experience the dorm life.. so take advantage of it... i think i would have too but coming from csula i've already lived the dorm life... </p>

<p>so... i dont know if you've already had the chance to take a tour but basically petlands is least social and Ai i hear is most social but the rooms their are lowest of quality. when i toured the dorms, i only visited lothian and petland, from those two, i would definitely recommend petland for a transfer student. reason being is that lothian is literally all freshmen and petland you'll see more transfers you can relate to. </p>

<p>If you've recently submitted your housing contract within the last couple of weeks and you havent heard back from them, you might not have the privilege of choosing what hall you stay in. (dont worry about the transfer halls, their really arent any) from what i was told, since freshmen are given priority, they basically fill up all the dorms and halls and transfers are given what is left, unless you submitted your contract early in the year than in that case you would have priority because its first come first serve and therefor you would have been able to choose your dorm but if not, than i would take whats available...</p>

<p>"than I would take whats available." Who were your english teachers from K-12? I would re-evaluate their teaching credentials if their students can't differentiate between "than" and "then", and do not know when to use apostrophes to indicate contractions. No need to thank me for edumacating (as you might say) you.</p>

<p>Forums are for people to chat/txt on.... if you want to read/write an essay, take an english class</p>

<p>btw.. im getting the feeling that UCR rejected or did something to you??? (your account was made a few weeks ago and your 5 postings have all been negatively aimed towards UCR students (go highlanders! [just rubbing it in])... whats your deal bro???</p>