Dorm recommendations?

<p>I'm filling out the Housing Questionnaire. Which freshman dorm buildings have the nicest dorms, out of the substance-free buildings next fall? I heard they were moving substance-free somewhere else, so I'm not sure what to write under preferences since I haven't got a clue what the new sub-free dorm buildings look like.</p>

<p>Also, is there some way of predicting which building will have the closest sense of community? I think that North is well-known for that this year. What about next year? Or is it all up in the air because of the housing changes?</p>

<p>My kid was in North his freshman year, and it did indeed have a great sense of community. I know some of the former Northies were a little dismayed at the thought of moving the sub-free dorm to a different building. Anyway, all the freshman dorms are quite nice. There really aren't any bad options in terms of the actual buildings.</p>

<p>I think if you're looking for community and sub-free, you'd be better off in a whole sub-free dorm as opposed to a sub-free floor in a general dorm. How much information do they give you about the options?</p>

<p>Sub free is in Stearns this coming year, which is an excellent dorm (many even prefer it to Charles Pratt).</p>

<p>It's difficult to predict in advance which dorms will have the best sense of community, since that mostly depends on having a critical mass of people who become friends with each other. Sub free dorms tend to have a strong community feel because a) they all wanted to be sub free, so they have at least that in common and b) they are the people that are most convenient to hang out with on nights when other people are drinking.</p>

<p>rentof2, you get to check the sub-free box if you want but there isn't any much information on the dorm buildings themselves. I will definitely be signing up for sub-free. Catfish, do you know what the other sub-free buildings are? Thanks!</p>

<p>As far as I know, it's only Stearns, but they may add more if there is a lot of demand.</p>