Dorm Renovations

<p>I have a rising senior who plans on attending MSU in the Fall of 2013. She plans to major in engineering and would like to stay in Wilson Hall because of the Engineering Residential Experience. </p>

<p>I've done a little research and see that Wilson's dining hall will be renovated in 2013. Has anyone stayed in a dorm while renovations were going on? Was the construction noise unbearable? Do they limit the hours that they do construction? Regarding the ERE, can you stay in a nearby dorm and still take classes in Wilson? Any recommendations for her?</p>

<p>Thanks. :)</p>

<p>It’s not that much of a nuisance to be in a dorm undergoing renovation, especially since it’s just the caf that’s undergoing renovation, not the entire building (as far as I know). They definitely don’t do construction at night (normally during working hours) although you might wake up to it on weekdays. Wilson is a very nice hall to live in and the newly renovated case hall and holden hall cafeterias are nearby (i.e. less than a minute walk) so it shouldn’t be too much of a bother, I’d recommend just to stick with it (having roommates that are also in engineering, classes nearby, special computer labs are more than worth the minor inconvenience of having to walk outside to the caf).</p>

<p>Thanks fa-la-la-lena! I do think the benefit of being housed with other engineers will definitely make the first year transition easier.</p>