Dorm Reviews

<p>I want someone to review what every dorm on campus is like...what are the feeels of the iddferent dorms, which are more quiet and which are more fun. Which are full of geniuses and which are full of not geniuses. Which are full of laid back people vs up tight. Everywhere..</p>

<p>Adams Hall, Elizabeth Waters Hall, Friedrink Hall, Kronshage Hall, Cole and Sullivan Halls, Slitcher Hall, Tripp Hall, Sellery Hall, Witte Hall, Ogg Hall, Smith Hall....</p>

<p>Just a general review about all the pros and cons of each..</p>

<p>thanks all</p>

<p>Ya I have nothing to add to this thread as I have never visited, but hopefully it will be informative. Also, if more then one person chimes in that would help create a clearer picture of each dorm. Every person has different view points and it would be nice to hear more about each dorm than just its stereotypes.</p>

<p>Sellery and Witte = social party dorms. tiny rooms. not so nice buildings. lots of fun.
Smith and Ogg = Brand new. Nice but not so social.</p>

<p>hey anyone..please respond</p>

<p>Read the other UW threads, from this year and recent ones. Most UW students are not on CC.</p>