Dorm room choice

DePaul sent an email out yesterday saying that those who were accepted EA could send in a refundable deposit and select their own dorm rooms. Just curious if anyone is going to do this and if so do you have any insights on dorm selection?

My kid did it. No inside info on dorms, we watched YouTube videos, looked at pictures and hoped for the best. I’d love to hear if you have any info!

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Not really. It seems obvious that Belton-Racine and Ozanam Hall are the newest and nicest dorms but we keep reading posts saying Munroe and University are better communities. Also seems best to stay with those four because they are all air conditioned while Corcoran and Seton Hall are not, though we have seen reports that those two have large rooms and great communities. If anyone has anymore suggestions we would appreciate it because we will be filling that out this weekend.

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Hello, got that email too. We were not planning on doing the early housing deposit.