Dorm Room Desks and Monitors

<p>The dorm room desks in Pentland have a hinged extension on the back of the desk. Any of you used this? How sturdy is it? Want to set my printer and monitor on the desk and the additional room would be great. The hutch must be able to move back too??
What would be the best size monitor to fit underneath the hutch shelf. Have a laptop and want to have an additional monitor. Hoping to keep laptop on the keyboard drawer.</p>

<p>hinged extension works perfect, if you want to go huge then by all means get yourself a 22in. lol!</p>

<p>ps. in the extra space on the bottom created by the extension, i slipped in my subwoofer and printer. liked it better being out of ppl's eyes, if ya know what i mean ;)</p>

<p>do each person get their own microfridge or is it just one per room?</p>

<p>1 per room</p>