Dorm Room Questions

Looks like tape is prohibited. What is allowed? Command strips okay? Is there any type of tape that is acceptable? What do you use to hang posters?

Can you bring your own frig and microwave? If so are there required specifications? Of course I’m thinking small. Not sure we want to rent from bookstore but maybe that is the way to go? Are others bringing their own?


you can use tape like painter’s tape that won’t peel off the paint. and yes, you can use command strips. I used blue painter’s tape to hand stuff. also, you can bring your own fridge and microwave, look on the website for requirements. but PLEASE make sure the microwave/fridge is CLEAN. my roommate last year brought one with a cockroach nest, it was a nightmare…

Thank you! Very helpful! Would not have thought of the painter’s tape. Fridge is new in the box, but finding a microwave “less than 700 watts” is hard to do. Seems like 700 is as small as they sell in stores near us. Not sure microwave is an essential though especially if there is one in a common area/kitchen.