Dorm Room Security?

<p>How safe from theft are valuables that you have in your room? Do you need a laptop lock when you leave it in the dorm room? Do any of you use a laptop lock?</p>

<p>I've never had any problem ever with dorm security. I brought some pretty valuable things over to my dorm and I never second guessed about theft.</p>

<p>dorms are really safe. i've stayed at 2 different dorms so far and haven't had a problem. all rooms have locks on the door. i guess the only thing you wanna be careful about is gonna be your roommate and hope they don't steal</p>

<p>I bought a laptop lock but never ended up using it. I lived in Apollo and had a single but shared a bathroom and common room with 4 other suite mates. They were all pretty trustworthy and are now good friends of mine but this isn't always the case. Just be careful with what you leave out in the open and just get to know your room mates to make sure trust won't be an issue.</p>