Dorm Room Size

<p>My dorm room is two room double and 246 sq feet (roughly 15x15) is that big, small or average. Will it be cramped? We are setting it up as one bedroom and one common room. How crowded will I feel? I cant judge size very well.</p>

<p>Measure your bedroom.

<p>That's a pretty generous dorm double. It'll be cramped but most dorms are.</p>

<p>i think 15 x 15 doesn't sound that small.</p>

<p>my bedroom growing up was the biggest of the three kids rooms at 13x13. </p>

<p>don't worry, you will be fine!</p>

<p>About 15x15 is pretty large for a dorm double. My dorm last year was 14x16 and those were the biggest rooms available on campus.</p>

<p>Frankly, it's not that big... but you won't be spending that much time in your dorm anyway... </p>

<p>DORM comes from the Latin dormire & ormitum TO SLEEP.... </p>

<p>Dorm... D.O.R.M. Dorm....</p>

<p>clap clap clap clap clap (that's the audience clapping)</p>

<p>My dorm room is roughly 10x12 this year, so I'd consider your dorm to be pretty big...</p>

<p>My room is going to be 10x20. Odd size, I think, but whatever.</p>

<p>Mine is 11x14 for a double. -_-
Wish I could have a 15x15 room.</p>

<p>Mine is 10x15. You guys get big rooms compared to me!</p>

<p>Single dorm 10'3" X 13' w/ shared bathroom</p>

<p>10x13 come fall... in a single. woo.</p>

<p>Haha 15x15 for a double, try having 8’ x 17’ for a triple like I am going to.</p>

<p>9.6x17 i'm in a single with private bath.</p>

<p>icedragon - Say what?</p>

<p>9.6 ft by 17 ft single with private bath is what i'll be in.</p>

<p>Um, yeah...I read that...but what? That's ridiculous!</p>

<p>as in what? The one wall is 17ft and you have to add in the bath as well.</p>

<p>I think they're saying that it's a very large room for a single. I got that from their very first post.</p>

<p>As in that's a huge room for a single at college!</p>