Dorm Room Size

<p>Haha 15x15 for a double, try having 8’ x 17’ for a triple like I am going to.</p>

<p>9.6x17 i'm in a single with private bath.</p>

<p>icedragon - Say what?</p>

<p>9.6 ft by 17 ft single with private bath is what i'll be in.</p>

<p>Um, yeah...I read that...but what? That's ridiculous!</p>

<p>as in what? The one wall is 17ft and you have to add in the bath as well.</p>

<p>I think they're saying that it's a very large room for a single. I got that from their very first post.</p>

<p>As in that's a huge room for a single at college!</p>

<p>my single is 12 by 12 main section and another 4 by 4 with the window, so I have 160 sq. feet not counting my closet</p>

<p>25 ft by 17.6 ft quad. the bathroom/closet take off some room from the 17.6, so its probably more like 25 ft by 13 ft, not sure how cramped thats gonna be</p>

<p>13'6x16' double (not including the shower which is shared by the suite of 4 guys)</p>

<p>alright i rounded down.... Its closer to 16x16</p>

<p>10 x 13 double...</p>

<p>10'6" X 10'6" single with a sink.</p>

<p>Is my room size really that surprising? :( Its actually longer then it is wide. Heres the link: UCCS</a> | Residence Life mines the bottom one :D</p>

<p>Mine's 15X13 and that includes the space for the vanity/sink area and the closet.
It's a double, btw.</p>

<p>I have a single in a suite next year that's 7'x9'8". That's right kids, less than 68 square feet (and that includes the closet).</p>

<p>According to my school's web site, the apartment-style dorm I lived in last year's bedroom was 13x13. But we also had a large living area, kitchen and bathroom. So we didn't need that much bedroom space.</p>

<p>We also had the handicap accessible room (for whatever reason), so it was probably slightly larger.</p>

<p>My double is around 180 without closet space, and probably around 200 square feet with the closet space (the closet space takes up the narrow front portion of the room)</p>

<p>7x9.8 is like the size of a walk in closet. :(</p>

<p>@icedragon: UCCS sounds like...the Waldorf-Astoria of residential life. But then again...I've heard only nightmares about dorms.</p>