Dorm Room Size

<p>Our school doesn't list the dorm dimensions :/ . Or at least, I can't find them anywhere. But we live in 2-3 bedroom apartments with 1 or 2 private baths, a living room, and a kitchen. I'm excited :D</p>

<p>oi have 13 3 * 15 and it's triple</p>

<p>Yeah...its terrible here at home- the girl/guy dynamic is hilarious though. GET OUT OF THE FREAKING BATHROOM! WHAT ARE YOU READING, THE ENCYCLOPEDIA?!</p>

<p>I can imagine.</p>

<p>as can i....</p>

<p>Ive got a 30x30 quad with a kitchen and a 10x5 foyer ^^</p>

<p>Mine's 17'x11'. And it's pie-shaped.</p>

<p>Mine is 10 x 12, double. :(</p>

<p>11 x 14, double</p>

<p>Just looked up the floor plan again. Our entire "townhome" is 1500 square feet for six people on two stories.</p>

<p>mine's a 2 room double, 250 sq feet, and half bath.
i can see us making one room a lounge type deal as well</p>

<p>bdmet2491 oh hells no, dont even</p>

<p>dont even girlfriend!</p>

<p>Franklin College leases apartments from people in the city for the students to rent. I have a private, pre-furnished apartment with a private bath, living-room, kitchen, bedroom and balcony.</p>


<p>how bigs a 10x16 for one kid?</p>