Dorm room sizes/experience from current students

<p>I know each school has many dorms and that dorms vary in sizes, but could current or past BS students post info about their school's dorm rooms? Please list dorm name and school and any info you can give. How many share one bathroom, is there room for an extra chair, etc. Thanks!</p>

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<p>I'm not gonna give away the name of my dorm but I go to St Georges. In my dorm there is a bathroom for each side of the hallway (8 girls) with 2 showers, 2 stalls, and 3 sinks. The showers are almost never full, and if they are you can just go to the other hallway. Rooms have space for an extra couch or chair if you set it up right.</p>

<p>Exeter: I live in the basement of my dorm, and since there are only five girls on the basement level, there is only one bathroom for our floor. All the other floors in our dorm have two bathrooms per floor, though. There are cubbies for everyone so you don't need a shower caddy. I have a double, there is plenty of room for my roommate and me. We both have our own beds, no bunk bed. Generally, most roommate pairs have their own bed. My roommate and I have a lounge chair and could fit a small sofa if we wanted to. You might want to bring storage bins to fit underneath your bead.</p>

<p>anyone from andover?</p>

<p>anyone from Deerfield?</p>

<p>Anyone from Taft?</p>

<p>Andover: Keep in mind that room size can vary a great deal in individual dorms. I can comfortably fit a futon and extra chair in my room, but my some of my friends can barely fit an extra chair. Depending on how you arrange your room, you can go from zero space to tons. Seven or eight girls share each bathroom. The bathrooms have two showers, two stalls, and two sinks, so it's never too crowded.</p>

<p>Deerfield: bro is there but he says that there is only 1 bathroom for 12 people (with 2 showers, 3 stalls, and 4 sinks) and most people have singles which is awesome :) the single has room for a bed, a little sofa, a desk, and a drawer...and it has a little closet too</p>

<p>Emma Willard: most of the singles are decent, but there are few "closet" singles that are usually taken by the kids who got crappy lottery numbers. They're REALLY small, but some people like that. You can always opt to loft your bed and that leaves more than enough room in either case. The thing you have to worry about is whether or not you'll have enough storage for clothing (I never have and I don't have a lot). Bathrooms are OK but they sometimes smell; the showers are disgusting if you have a kid on the hall who sheds. Overall they're OK, you just want to be on a hall without a ton of sophmores.</p>