Dorm security?

Hiii so I’m going to study at UOM and I’m curious about the security systems of the school campus. I know that there will be many cameras in campus to ensure student and staff safety, but will there also be cameras in the dorm? I’ve heard that some cameras are installed in the dorm and I kind of get it for safety reasons and also to prevent stealing and stuff. But once I watched a video about some security camera companies doing facial analysis I became a little paranoid.

Probably better asked in the specific college forum. I’d move it, but I have no idea what UOM is.

Yeah, you honestly need to ask people who work there or went there before. From what I know from general security cams is that they are more of just a deterrent towards theft and vandalism. There’s still going to be bad people doing bad things. Most security cams can’t even determine what a person looks like other than general body shape, hair, and skin color. Unless it is higher tech, which means it is more expensive, meaning more doubtful they’ll spend that much on it. Also even if they do have it in dorms, which I doubt as most colleges wouldn’t splurge on that, they wouldn’t have it in like your room, so you’d still have privacy. Just don’t do anything stupid and you’re fine. If you are paranoid about security companies doing that, then you can just wear a facial mask. Plenty of people already wore it in Asia, and now with Covid, people in the west have a perfect excuse to wear them now too. And it covers like most of you face. You already get unknowingly recorded and pictured in the street so it isn’t that big of a deal to me honestly.

What is UOM?

The best dorm security is to always keep your dorm room door LOCKED. Even if all you are doing is walking down the hall or next door to visit with friends.

Don’t take valuables like jewelry or the like with you to college.

Before you decide to get a dorm room camera, you will need to ask your roommate about that. They may be less than thrilled to have a camera recording things like them getting dressed. You also need to check to see if this is even allowed.

And get insurance for your belongings.

Why are you concerned about this?