Dorm: Virginia Snider - Virginia Double community room questions

My DD is assigned a double room on the Virginia side commons with community bath. We have heard its a great dorm, with good location. Question we have is:

  • Is there one closet with dividers, OR are there two closets in the room? Anyone have dimensions or pictures of the closet? Or even the room? I tried to look online for this info, but am unable to find anything - the one’s online are from the Snider side of the building (which are suite-style). Nothing I found was for a double-room community style.
    Thank you in advance.

I’m guessing you already saw this Virginia layout with one large closet and a sink. My DD is going to be in Armstrong Commons with community bath as well. Hers has two, presumably smaller, closets but no sink.

Yes, VS is a great location between Hillcrest and the Boulevard. Closer to classes and library.