I gotta arrive a bit early to my dorm for winter break about a week early but it will be “closed” I am tempted to go Olin and stay secretly, any ideas?

My D is heading back early and looked into getting into housing early, but it was too late…there was a whole app process and her reason (outside work) didn’t fit the bill. Her key card simply won’t work, so it would be impossible to sneak in. I would imagine that dorms with standard keys would have their outside doors locked with a different key so that students are not coming in unauthorized. I know that they charged if you got accepted to come back early, so they don’t take this lightly. Plus if you were caught, it sounds like a pretty major infraction!

The thing is the key system does work …

The thing is that the key system does work, I can just hide inside my dorm

Why do you have to arrive early? Where are you traveling from? It’s a bad idea to trespass on campus grounds. What other options have you considered?